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Chuunibyou Sparkling Daydream


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So they told me to post this here instead. Like I said in my earlier post, it sounds OK to me except bars from 25 to 31 because the piano sheet which I cheated from went all messed up with changes from octave to octave with a completely mad bass line that was impossible to transcribe on guitar. Also bars 47 and 48 might not have exactly the same bass notes that the original song has but it sounds OK to me. And I was just too damn lazy to make the instrumental part at the very beginning of the song, so I didn't even make it in the first place. Perhaps I could just mush in the chords used in the original song, but that would sound too awkward since the rest of the arrangement is mostly picking.

GP5 and .txt files in a .rar:

Any help or suggestions are welcome, but to just let you know, I really am not after fame or credit. If anyone wants to fix this and post it under their name then be my guest. Music should be just for fun, eh?

Sparkling I changed measures


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I changed measures 25 to 32. You can change the bassline if you want, but the melody should be correct now.

I also extended the chord in measure 51 to last two measures.

Everything else seems fine.


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Re: SparklingI changed measures


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This sounds great. Thanks a lot!