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my composition thingies


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so, i wanted to post all my stuffs from the tune contests in one topic so anyone who was bored enough could tell me things they like and dont like about them
i'd like to see how they compare to the views i already hold of them

please criticize and critique these bad boys, even if its only one of them!
i will be posting them in chronological order!

Where The Fuck Is The Snow
this little guy was made for the very first tune contest, or at least the very first one i participated in, it was probably the first tune contest
the theme was winter, listening to it now this doesnt really sound wintery to me
also its pretty simplistic and has a lot of filler so it would reach the 1 minute mark

what is this
this wasnt actually made for a tune contest at all, i was bored and messing around on my piano
it wasnt really made to be a song, i kind of just wanted to remember it i guess, doesnt really sound too awfully special now but maybe it will inspire something later

The Amorphous Obstacle
this was the second tune contest i participated in, the theme for it was 'battle theme'
i used a bunch of triplets and different time signatures in this trying to be all cool and stuff, it came out sounding all weird and i didnt really have a definite direction, but the deadline was getting close so i just slapped the word amorphous in the title and threw it into the tune contest as if it were my plan the whole time

this is the first one i really like, it was for the adventure theme tune contest
firstly i had recently decided to use the 'spanish hip hop drum beat' in a song so this one became it, i was going to make it a mexican adventure! i even put in some maracas too
after i started making it i figured it sounded kind of sexy, saxophones just tend to do that i guess, the adventury title i managed to come up with was "Sexy Ironclad Mexicans Save A Princess Or Something And Shes Also Sexy", but that was way too long
so i took the first letter of all those words to make a new on, and then put in an accent mark to make it spanish!

Screwing In Lightbulbs
this was for the "wtf" themed contest
i think the intro was probably ok, but the rest of this tune is just dumb
its really dumb, super super dumb
i had done so well with simsaposasas but then i crank out this piece of butt
oh yeah, why did i name it screwing in lightbulbs? i had just heard a joke i really liked along the lines of how many somethings does it take to screw in a lightbulb, i dont remember the joke, its probably still funny though

Glorified Slaughter
medieval themed contest! this song doesnt sound medieval, but i've played a lot of medieval 2 total war in my day
i really really liked how this turned out at the time i uploaded it
i still like it, but i'd definitely like to revamp it at some point, it could be a lot better than it is in my opinion, still ok though!

Tired of Marinating
if memory serves, the winner of the tune contest before this one was taking a super long time to post the theme of the new contest, so i think someone (salem?) ended up posting a joke contest with the theme "air out your beef"
i like this tune, but since it wasnt a real tune contest i only made it 30 seconds long, i think its pretty good though :E

Extinguished Ambition
i was gone for about 3 months and didnt do any tune contesting during that time, actually i didnt even really get to hear much music as i was away at army
there was no theme for this tune contest so i asked someone to give me one, they gave me burnt salami
i ended up posting a little story with this one to give it some context but im not going to post it here
i think this one turned out decent enough
me being kicked out of army probably had something to do with the title i gave it

Lunatic Ball
this was for the evil tune contest, i think it turned out pretty darn good! i remember that kabukibear said he liked the choice of instruments i used, that made me pretty happy!

Reverie In Green
hohohoho the dance theme contest!! i couldnt think of anything for the longest time, but i had a dream one night and then this just kind of came to me the next day, it fits in pretty well with the scene and everything but unfortunately i am unable to show it to you
i still like this one a lot but that could just be because it makes me think of that dream, however foolish it may have been!

In Check
bass theme contest, this tune doesnt sound like i tried to be bassy at all, but if you ignore that small detail im happy with how this one sounds! the electric guitar tone was a complete accident that happened while i was messing around with the eq, im glad i had an accident all over that guitar
also this doesnt really matter at all, but the definition of check i had in mind when i made this was "to cause a reduction, as in rate or intensity"
well, it matters to me! but probably not you guys
also this is the first tune i didnt make in guitar pro, everything before this one i did!

man, i really should have made this one for the bass theme contest, but i made it for the future one, doh!!
i was also the only one to enter that i won!! woohoo

this was for the character theme contest, i did my tune for mettaur(also known as mettool and probably some other names)
a lot of people seemed to like it, and i do too!

thats all i have right now

The last one. I love it



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The last one. I love it

i like the metrawr and the


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i like the metrawr and the salami and reverie in green the most x3

The 4 most recent songs seem


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The 4 most recent songs seem more structured and the instruments are more balanced and work well together compared to some of the older songs.

Also Aliums kinda reminds me of goldeneye


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Re: The 4 most recent songs seem


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hslesperance said

The 4 most recent songs seem more structured and the instruments are more balanced and work well together compared to some of the older songs.

Also Aliums kinda reminds me of goldeneye

hahahaha XD

also please dont hold back on anything negative you might have to say you guys!



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good shit, though, jacob.


Lol bronies.