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Mega Man X4 - Jet Stingray


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Jet Stingray
There can never be too much Mega Man.

Also, I'm not entirely sure how the rhythm-y part on the first line should be tabbed out, exactly. xD

The beginning sounds like


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The beginning sounds like gallops to me. Something like this:

   E   S S E   S S E   S S E   S S  E   S S E   S S E   S S E   S S
e |--------------------------------|--------------------------------|
B |--------------------------------|--------------------------------|
G |--------------------------------|--------------------------------| x4
D |--------------------------------|--------------------------------|
A |--------------------------------|--------------------------------|
E |3---3-3-3---3-3-3---3-3-3---3-3-|1---1-1-1---1-1-1---1-1-1---1-1-|
   E   S S E   S S E   S S E   S S  
e |--------------------------------|
B |--------------------------------|
G |--------------------------------|
D |--------------------------------|
A |--------------------------------|
E |1---1-1-1---1-1-1---1-1-2---2-2-|

Of course, you can write it however you wish in your own tab!



This is really cool but I


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This is really cool but I think you made a mistake on the last note of the second line.
On the G string, you wrote a D# (20) when it’s just a D (19), that’s the way I hear it at least.
Aside from that, everything looks perfect to me.

Jet Stingray_0 Actually, I


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Jet Stingray_0
Actually, I just slowed down a midi I had in WMP and it sounded exactly like the rhythm you posted, Auri, so I suppose I'll just pop that into the tab. I am now satisfied with that part, because it no longer looks as ugly. xD

Also I like how you always seem to make suggestions but are also like "But you should do it however you like since it's your tab." :>

And thanks, Jordan. I just fixed that.


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Your tab


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