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With a touch of subtlety this


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With a touch of subtlety this could have been highly entertaining. Sadly, like most modern comedy, it focuses too much on laughs per second and fails to establish any sense of higher art in favour of making everybody happy. How annoying.

Reading the link was enough


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Reading the link was enough to convince me not to click ;-)



Do it auri, for the sake of



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Do it auri, for the sake of your children

This graph is the best part

"Final Fantasy is a Vile



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"Final Fantasy is a Vile Homosexual Pedophilic Fantasy that could only come from the dirty minds of the nips. The men look like women to encourage boys to grow up as homogays. As Ouroboros pointed out it also seems to encourage women to seek out incestuous lesbian relationships with their sisters.

Also there’s the obvious pagan influences of summoning and casting spells."

I wondered why the article didnt say anything about incest =D

“large amounts of violent


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“large amounts of violent taint and vaginal exposure.”

like bhael says, subtle, very subtle.
as long as one person believes this article is real, i'm totally satisfied though

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^That comment made my day. XD


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^That comment made my day. XD