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I probably lurk this site more than I practice guitar.


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So early last month I got a sudden strong urge to play music and decided to learn an instrument. I've always been awed by fingerstyle guitar players on Youtube so I went ahead and bought myself a Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar.

Long story short: I find this site and I jizz my pants.

So far, I've been learning classical technique and sheet music reading using Frederick Noad's Solo Guitar book. I'm also studying up on music theory using this book and after reading Kabukibear's inspiring tl;dr tutorial, I'm going to try my hand at tabbing out a favourite piece of mine: Ever 17 - "Karma".

It's going to be a long summer and I have nothing else to do other than MCAT studying so I'll definitely be creeping around. It's nice to meet you talented people! :)

Ever17 :D Love that VN,


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Ever17 :D

Love that VN, definitely a must play for anyone looking for a good story.

Here's a piano transcript of Karma if you need some help getting started with your tab!

Ever17, approved. Heilmittel


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Ever17, approved. Heilmittel for me is superior to Karma though, especially the xbox360 remake, but the latter's also great. Good ost, I always feel like rereading it due to nostalgia when listening to it again, and great story (good girls too even though their backgrounds are each quite cliche, but Sora is the only I didn't care about in the end). One of my first VNs <:

'soup and good luck with tabbing out something early. Having read books on classical guitar will definitively be helpful, and if you've got enough time you could try working out the piece by ear first (on paper + guitar), melody and bass seperately, then use the sheets to correct/structure it more properly. You'll really get a head start doing this so soon, but don't go think about quitting if it's too hard, just try again later is what I'd recommend. At your stage I'd say it's more important to enjoy discovering the instrument and getting used to it & progressing at whatever pace you feel like.




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Re: Hello


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ever 17 =), actually loaded it long ago, never startet it though, maybe i should,

welcome to gametabs~

btw. well done choosing the better side (fingerstyle) ;D

Kiku: Thanks, that score is


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Kiku: Thanks, that score is definitely going to save me a lot of time haha :)

Hakoria: Thanks for the encouragement!! I'm really enjoying the guitar so far and will definitely stick with it :D

RexLeRouge: OH HAI

Clanver: Definitely play through it. It starts off a tad slow but reeeeally gets mindblasting as you work through the different endings.

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I probably lurk on this site more than I practice guitar. When it comes to taking lessons and improving my guitar playing it's sometimes hard to focus on what's important: practicing. You can take buy fake diploma with very easy methods. But when you have time for a quick visit to Reddit's /r/guitar, things suddenly seem better and worthwhile. There's even a community message board where people can ask questions, share ideas, and help others out.



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