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I need a new setup.


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Hallo Friends,

I'm coming into some money here soon,and I need a new setup...well...a setup.
I have an amp but it's a piece of shit.

I play metal,Amon Amarth type stuff,Dark Tranquility,Powerwolf,things of that sort.
I'm planning on ordering from Musician's friend or Zzounds or something.
I'm trying to not go above $1000,though I doubt I'll spend more than half that,as I'm looking mostly for something for myself,a bedroom amp you could say.
I'm also gonna be looking for a new guitar if you have any suggestions.
So far I've been looking at mostly either a Peavey Vypyr,Line 6 Spider IV,or a Roland Cube.

I would definitely choose a


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I would definitely choose a peavey over the other two. It will "amplify" your natural guitar sounds much more than the line 6 and roland which will make it drown in effects.


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I you're not gonna do lots of



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I you're not gonna do lots of gigs, I think its useless getting a transistor amp. Go for some quality modelisation shit, like the Axe FX.

Now if you want a real amp, with a cab and all, you should get a tube amp. This is the real thing.

Well now...



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I don't have experience with the amps you were talking about, but I can at least attest to Rex's point: I love my Vintage Tube amp :) My amp (Super Champ XD) also has a decent array of effects and voices that you can choose from. Mind you, if you know what you're looking for, you can find tons of reviews and insight on sites like Ebay and Amazon, of course.

Modeling might be the best


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Modeling might be the best way to go. at your price range the pod HD series might be good. they range i think from 350 to 500. plus they have usb outs for recording too along with the normal outputs.

Roland Cube are really nice


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Roland Cube are really nice amps. And had loads of effect.
But if you dont mind that, and want a good sound you can get a Marshall. Allways nice.


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I know you're planning on


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I know you're planning on ordering online, but any chance you can go into a store and try some amps out? You might have your own opinions if you do so!

BTW, my opinions are mostly worthless, but I like my Pod HD :-)