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Theme Of Payon - Ragnarok Online


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Don't know Ragnarok ? Try this >,..,<
Yeah this tab a bit hard, a compose of original and with voice version, leave comment plz ^^

Youtube : Original version
Voice version - Kwon You Jeong

* I'll upload GP file later.

What are those vertical lines



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What are those vertical lines you placed there every 4 chords? They better not be bar lines....
I assume you made that tab ignoring the rhythm. You "can" do that but then you absolutely can't just randomly place some bar lines all over the place. Even I (who knows and loves that tune) can't get the rhythm right with those wannabe-bar lines confusing the shit out of me.

I apologize in case you found this post offensive, but that's just really bothering me.

Hi ! Thanks for good comment


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Hi ! Thanks for good comment . Im just begin to write tab for 2 days and i know my tab really noob. I don't know music theory so can't create a right tab, just want to introduce these beautiful melody to ppl ^^ Your comment really helpful, i'll try to fix that now .

Here's the tab


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Here's the tab

You don't have to submit it through the site and the forum, only one

Also the video example should be a video of you or someone else playing YOUR arrangement, not some other version of the song


My Original Songs -

Theme Of Payon - Ragnarok Online


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I've heard that Payon's topic is about Southeast Asia. There is a theory like australianwritings that the final boss is a symbol of deforestation. Rainforests are used in many products in Southeast Asia. Bosses are also used to defend areas. People who work in the rainforest cut down trees and sell them to make money.