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Re: If this thread was a fetus I


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RexLeRouge said

karathrow said

If this thread was a fetus I would abort it.

If you were a chick, I'd give you babies

but kara is a girl! who would name a boy kara~

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iamHoustonian said

Although, I probably got it mainly so I could play all of the sick DS games I never got to . . . -_-,

Luminous Arc 2, Disgaea DS (other remakes/sequels like CT, Bomberman 2), Etrian Odyssey III- The Drowned City, 9 Hours/9 Persons/9 Doors (easy but good replay value since it's short and varied), Rune Factory 3, some Laytoning, VP: Covenant of the Plume, Advance Wars: Dual Strike (not bad, easy up 'till the end when it can get more fun/challenging), and (my comp can't handle it and this game is annoyingly bad with the lag even though concept looks great) Knights in the Nightmare, Blue Dragon Plus (plan to try it soon)... oh, and Love Plus.

DS has good unique-to-the-console games.

I love it when devs do


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I love it when devs do this


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Yeah, Star Fox 64 on 3DS is pretty fantastic. So is the Ocarina of Time 3D remake (obviously). So far my 3DS retail game list is as follows:

- Kid Icarus Uprising (this is one quality ass game, seriously)
- Resident Evil: Revelations (again, some quality ass)
- Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D (worth it for $20 or less)
- Mario 3D Land (essential 3DS game)
- Mario Kart 7 (also essential)
- Star Fox 64 3D (fantastic remake)
- Ocarina of Time 3D (also a fantastic remake)
- Cave Story 3D (good game, but it's too dark and without a brightness adjustment option)
- Street Fighter IV 3D (doesn't look as good as the HD versions, but still pretty sweet)

So I'm pretty happy with my 3DS library thus far. I just had the problem with brightness on Cave Story, and Street Fighter IV is great, but I mostly just got it because it was the best launch game.

I don't think the 3D is really harmful to your eyes. I've used it a ton and my eyes seem pretty okay to me. However, some games do seem to strain your eyes more if you have the 3D effect turned up to maximum (Resident Evil: Revelations). Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 seemed to nail the 3D effect best of all.

The DS had a insanely huge library of games that you missed out on. I'd probably recommend the Professor Layton games more than anything. Also, if you like RPG's, you can get 600 hours of gaming out of Dragon Quest IX, and the Chrono Trigger DS is pretty much the definitive version of the game.

Oh, this thread was supposed to be about the next wave of consoles, not the DS and 3DS.
Well... I hear that WiiU might have graphics and it might not.

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Hakoria said

VP: Covenant of the Plume VP: Covenant of the Plume VP: Covenant of the Plume VP: Covenant of the Plume,VP: Covenant of the Plume


Right on, Juja!I've been


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Right on, Juja!
I've been thinking about buying Kid Icarus Uprising.
It looks bad-ass, kind of like Panzer Dragoon Orta mixed with Space Harrier and Ninja Gaiden haha TIGHT

Wasn't sure if those Resident Evil games were good. I might have to check 'em out.

Also, I own Chrono Trigger for SNES and PSX already hehe but I'll probably end up getting it.

My last old-school post. NextGen stuff isn't really my bag baby. SNES and PSX FTW

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Resident Evil: Revelations is by far the superior game. Only get Mercenaries if you like the Mercenaries mode from RE4 and RE5 and you can find it for $20 or less. It's good, but it's just a full game of Mercenaries mode. Resident Evil: Revelations is a full 15 hour game PLUS Raid mode, which is kind of like Mercenaries. It's different from Mercenaries, but big enough that it could've been its own game. For example, I spent about 15 hours in the main game of Revelations, and about 30 hours playing Raid mode. Also, Revelations has sort of a game+ mode.

Chrono Trigger DS is definitely worth getting. Aside from the fact that it doesn't have the horrible load times from the Playstation version, they actually added a good chunk of content to the game. They added a new ending and a new final boss that helps tie it in with Chrono Cross, and they also added 2 fairly large areas with a lot of stuff to do. You can get some ridiculously powerful equipment from those areas (stronger equipment than what was in the original). They also included 2 of the missing songs from the SNES version, and they added a little monster battle arena side game.

I only have 2 very minor complaints about Chrono Trigger DS.

1. They changed the name of Manoria cathedral to Manolia for some reason.
2. The high pitched part of the sound effect for Dark Matter is missing.

Other than those 2 small things, Chrono Trigger DS is the best version of the game.



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