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Official Bastion sheet music.


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Hopefully this works was having some issues trying to get the link to work properly.

Bastion Sheet

Fixed your link :-)


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Fixed your link :-)



Thank you, I seem to fail at


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Thank you, I seem to fail at uploading files.

PS I got these from the official site for free so I don't see any reason why this would be any sort of legal issue. If it's a problem just take it down and you guys can go to the site yourself and get it. You have to put in a bunch of personal information though that I figure some don't want to do.

Nice find! Was hoping for "A


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Nice find! Was hoping for "A Proper Story", but oh well, at least Darren was cool enough to post official sheets for the vocal tracks


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What ?! official tabs are free !! *_*


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It s a unusal dream dudes. I'll tune my guitar [D][A][D][G][A][D] to play its , it s faster than [C][G][C][F][G][C]. Thanks to share the information, its a nice ost.

This is awesome! Just had a


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This is awesome! Just had a sing along with a friend. So glad you posted this here

Never actually played Bastion


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Never actually played Bastion but checked out a few of their tracks and I must say they are pretty awesome.

I play the piano and it's an


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I play the piano and it's an eternal problem to find good arrangements on the internet because good sheet music is either missing or impossible to download. And I have a piano in the basement where there is no internet, so I just download videos that teach how to play a tune from youtube thanks to Tubidy and go down to the basement to play. Very handy especially when you can't find sheet music and print it out on a printer.

Thank you for the share.


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Thank you for the share.



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Bastion is one of the most popular online sheet music retailers. What I like about Bastion is that they have a very good selection of all types of music, but what I like even more than that is the price of their sheets. Here you go now to get more new things for a laser printer. They offer a wide range of options, but they also cater to professional musicians and audiophiles who would prefer not to have to have lots of old material lying around in their music collection. The bastion offers a few types of music including contemporary, classical, jazz, rock, and pop all at really good prices.



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Official Bastion sheet music gives great inspiration and motivation to Drift Boss in all circumstances.

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The link you provided works


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The link you provided works well. I appreciate your great io games work.