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New Sci Fi Novel by Kenneth Eng


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If this counts as spam, feel free to delete it.

I’d like to tell people about my latest novel, the Aquarium. It’s about a group of CIA agents who investigate a haunted aquarium. This aquarium is loaded with paranormal phenomena, including horrific monsters that have been mutated by psychic powers. Here’s the link on

I’m always on the lookout for new fans. Here are my previous books:

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I don't often swear like


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I don't often swear like this, but what the fuck, Kenneth. You should know what spam is. If you join a site to post something completely unrelated for the sake of SELLING it, it's fucking spam.


And then I realized that the chord progression from Chrono Cross's Another World is the same progression as the chorus from Peace of Mind by Boston, and life was never quite the same.

In addition to the quality of

William Thompson

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