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My first string quartet arrangement


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So I've always wanted to compose and arrange things and since i'm on spring break right now I decided to start now :) So I don't know how much people do it but I have some basic knowledge on theory and harmony and decided to start small. My first attempt was a small arrangement of Zelda's Lullaby for a string quartet. Its more or less the same as the original but I added some extra chord tones on with the viola and had a little cool ending that's actually a lick that I do on guitar. Whats your opinion on it? any advice where to go next or something like that?

Zelda's Lullaby

Sounds alright, maybe do


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Sounds alright, maybe do something different with the second violin, it's almost identical to the first. The viola is a bit boring with the same dotted half note rhtyhm each measure. And when I imported the midi to guitarpro every instrument had the same volume, try varying the levels.

Have you heard the hyrule symphony album, it has some nice string arrangements of OoT songs


My Original Songs -

Yeah the whole point was just


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Yeah the whole point was just to do a straight forward orchestration as an exercise and then fix it up afterwards. The one major issue I came across was what to do with the viola. I have no idea what to do with it without making the song lose its natural quality. Im currently looking at the hyrule symphony version of this and it uses the ocarina therefore theres another instrument and it allows more room for creativity. I'm just gonna state the obvious here saying that the string quartet just supports with the harmony and I guess what i would call echoing the melody. Should I just have the first violin act as the ocarina/main melody and have the rest supporting? I tried doing something similar when I was beginning to do this but I was causing too much dissonance. I used the rules of contrary motion which kind of limited me. I dunno. I'll play around with it more and post what i come up with next and get your opinion on that.


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Listening to it, I would say



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Listening to it, I would say be more careful with your dissonances. I would go through it and check all the chords, and notice which voices are dissonant, notice how they're dissonant (7ths, suspensions, etc), and make sure you're approaching and leaving them correctly (typically by step). Also, you can get more flexibility with this if you're willing to add more rhythmic variety with some of the parts. Since you have that 2 eighth notes followed by a half note in the bass, you can think of rhythms that complement that but don't do the same thing. maybe just straight quarter notes, or a dotted quarter, then an eighth, then a quarter.

But it's really cool, nice work! Some general advice with strings is that you don't want them to be too close together. Try to keep the four voices more than an octave apart, and if two voices sort of butt heads and get right next to each other, try to push them away quickly.


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I don't have any particular


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I don't have any particular advice to give (and I really like your arrangement) but you could see this to give you some ideas if you haven't seen it yet :

I love viola. It gives a


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I love viola. It gives a feeling of relaxation, peace and comfort. That comfort reminds me of dino game. It's a great game as I can play it online and offline.