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Elfen lied - lilium Da vynci (ish) vers.


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I took a look at the requests page and found this to be among the highest (probably THE highest since there is actually 2 seperate requests for this arrangement both on the first page).

I probably won't be able to tab out his version, but I noticed that it was 2 semi tones lower than USAguitarist's. Since USA's arrangement is in the same key as the song, Da vynci probably did this to incorporate more chords and open notes to make it easier to play and sound fuller. I lowered USA's version by two semi tones in Guitar Pro and fiddled around with the notes to make it playable and added in a few chords here and there.

I noticed that every version on youtube does not actually follow the song, specifically during the chorusy-bit. So I tried to make up something to string the double chorus together.

Does it sound ok?

GP5 File


The timings and such are not exactly how I would play them but they are the best I can do since I suck at using GP5 and I don't know music theory all that well.




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I once tried tabbing it 2 years ago but i couldn't do the tremolo pats...