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Hello gametabs, I am here to share with you my favorite comic book ever. I have never been partial to capes and superheros myself, but I do love comics. Here is a comic book series about a world overrun by orcs. Sounds shitty right? Wrong. In this comic the currency used by the orcs is OTHER ORCS DICKS CHOPPED UP INTO SLIVERS THEN FRIED INTO COINS (the head is worth even more by the way.) The art is amazing, disgusting, and way too colorful and detailed for its own good.
I recommend this series to anyone who enjoys a good laugh and good artwork. Its not a comedy though, its an adventure series, but you're bound to laugh at some point.
Some of the artwork



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The best comic book is one

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The best comic book ever is one that makes you feel something. It can be a happy feeling or an angry feeling and it doesn't matter what the book is about, it just matters that you feel something when you read it. You can also Buy psychedelics online from stores. If there are lots of other people around when you read your favourite comic book, then there will be a lot of people who will feel the same way as you do about your favourite comic book because they all have their own favourite books too.



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You share it great, thanks for the post and it's all about comics/manga and I suggest manganelo because this is the best place for reading manga.



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Comic books are often seen as a form of lowbrow entertainment, but they can actually be quite educational and even interesting. Many comics deal with historical or current events, and can provide an engaging way to learn about difficult topics. They can also be excellent sources of information on different cultures, as many comics are set in different countries or feature characters from diverse backgrounds. From the variety of project managment tool, I like social collaboration platform most due to its unique layout and convenience in use. In addition, comics often deal with social issues in a thoughtful and nuanced way, making them perfect for starting important conversations.

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I agree with you, thanks for your sharing.
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