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Lagoon - Title Screen & Final Battle


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I can't play this solo, but I transcribed it anyway! @[email protected]

Actually it's pretty much done, but since I can't play the solo I don't really know if those are the best fingerings. And anyway, I'm too lazy to post it right now.

The solo turns out to be simpler than it sounds, because there's a dotted sixteenth note delay on the lead. Since it's exactly a dotted sixteenth, it makes it sound like a ton of 32nd notes blurred together.

Unfortunately for me, there's 3 parts where the author chose to cut the echo out, and in its place put actual 32nd notes. So transcribing it was kind of a bitch, 'cause you have to listen for where it's NOT an echo. There's 3 parts, and they're too fast for me to play @[email protected];

So the fingerings may not be perfect in this tab, and also, I think it should be written at 234 bpm instead of 117, but I realized that after I'd already started, and I didn't want to start over. So those things could be improved maybe.

Oh well. GP5 file!!! I love this song, anyway.

Oh, and BTW, the other parts are all pretty easy (rhythm & bass parts). The rhythm part especially sounds cool on actual guitar xD

Game looks neat, reminds me


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Game looks neat, reminds me of Ys. Never played it though.

Music is pretty cool too.

Haha, it's totally a Ys


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Haha, it's totally a Ys ripoff. I loved it when I was younger. I don't quite care enough for it anymore to even play through, but I remember being really excited when I first played it.

(I used to think "action RPG" was the holy grail of video game genres. Now I think they're mostly action games with grinding.)