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Under the Apple Tree - FF7 Crisis Core


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MIDI of Tab
Youtube (original)

Briefly looking around, I noticed nobody anywhere has a version of this with melody over the chords, which is frankly ridiculous considering how (mostly) easy it is.

Also, amusingly enough, I heard the original song for the first time in years as I searched for a link... and it turns out I had a mistake in my very old tab, been playing this song wrong for a couple years now it seems. The wrong chord in question has been fixed in the files I linked to, however.

I'd straight up submit this one, but obviously I'm new to tab sharing, and wanna check here and make sure I included everything necessary?

If you haven't seen them, you


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If you haven't seen them, you can read the submission guidelines here:

From what I can see, you've got a midi and your text file looks alright (I think you're missing the composer name and when the tab was written, but the mods/everyone here seem to be lax about the format). You could probably just go ahead and post these in the other forum. Nice job, btw.


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