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What's your favorite Kabukibear tab?

There's so many :-O I haven't played all of them. But I really like this one ^-^

And this one!!

I've been playing a lot of


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I've been playing a lot of descendant of shinobi recently. I didn't actually know about it until Trang linked it in some other thread.

I like his rose of may and his great warrior tab. Radical dreamers is also boss, I've played it a ton and considered putting a recording up but it would pale in comparison to his play XD.

Also I want to see someone do a recording of Departure from FF:Crystal Chronicles.

Laon turned me on to his Sight of Spira tab too.

Man I remember when I first came here I thought kabuki's tabs were something I'd never play but then I practiced and eventually I was able to make it doable. There are still some stuff that is pretty out of my league (hello 2-10 stretch on his SM64 tab or the dancing mad tab craziness) but I definitely find that more of this tabs are reasonable as I improve.

Thanks for all your hard work mr burr!

Millenial Fair Birth of a


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Millenial Fair
Birth of a God
Bowser theme
out of these three, I think millenial fair is the most fun to play, but bowsers theme sounds so fucking cool.

chai and fishermans horizon are great too
kabuki should post here more- hes awesome

Love his Descendant of


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Love his Descendant of Shinobi.
I like all of his tabs but File Select is my favorite. I'm going to keep practicing it til I can at least halfway play it.
The problem I have with most of his or any tabs is that I am unfamiliar with the game/song.
You'd be surprised how many amazing games I probably never would have played if it wasn't for gametabs.
So thank you everyone at GameTabs, you are all awesome :)

I'm extremely fond of this


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I'm extremely fond of this tab:

I've never played the game, and don't intend to. But this piece is nice, and Kabukibear really captured the relaxing atmosphere. I'm mainly talking about the first half, as that's the part I enjoy musically.

They always switch, Radical



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They always switch, Radical Dreamers were my favourite for veeery long time though. I have a fair amount of his tabs in my favourite-list! If I had to choose a #1 right now it would probably be this: :)

but, damn, they're all just too much fun :/


Can someone pull of measure 72-73 at his file select tab ? My thumb always mutes the E and D strings and everything sounds horrible at that.. the rest is fine more or less but I just cant get these measures to sound right :/

Re: kabukibear


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auriplane said

What's your favorite Kabukibear tab?

There's so many :-O I haven't played all of them. But I really like this one ^-^

And this one!!

You just named my two favorite ones!
But if I had to pick just one of those, it would have to be reminiscence.


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I also really like the


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I also really like the "Circle of Eternity" arrangement from KiRite. I'm in the process of learning that one right now. Decendent of Shinobi is also a favorite!

Waltz for Zizi,the fever


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Waltz for Zizi,the fever theme from Dr Mario,birth of a god and the dragon spreads its wings are some of my favorites tabs,but he has tons of amazing stuff so it's hard to choose just one.

Emotions, Castle Corneria,


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Emotions, Castle Corneria, Traverse Town... very good stuff

tifas theme right now, also


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tifas theme right now, also radical dreamers.

does kabuki also have a tab for another termina? the real happy sounding song? if im correct in thinking so, that is also a very good tab, and very fun to play


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Time to turn this into one of


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Time to turn this into one of "those" threads.

Also, Circle of Eternity.


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