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Helping out a friend.


Joined: Nov 25 2011

Hello, i have a friend who is interested about learning to play a guitar, he's mostly interested in fingerstyle and stuff like this:

Here comes the problem, i have only played guitar for roughly 8 months and he wants me to train him.

I'm lending him my electric guitar and i was thinking of trying to teach him the happy birthday tune, taking a lot of different picks to him so he can find something that suits him.

And of course how to read tabs and what the strings are.

What should i teach him? I would be glad if some of you could help me.

Re: Helping out a friend.


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Teach him Romance

I started playing guitar


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I started playing guitar because of this site. I started with mainly archard's and caleb's stuff. I slowly worked my way up to fingerstyle over time


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relationship for rugby players


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Building and maintaining a relationship for rugby players can be challenging, but with the right attitude and approach, it is possible to build a strong and lasting connection. Communication, honesty, and support are key, and with these qualities, a rugby player can build a successful relationship both on and off the field.