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Flower Garden from Super Mario Land 2 Yoshi's Island


Joined: Dec 10 2009

Hey !

here's a fun tune :

Flower Garden from Super Mario Land 2 Yoshi's Island

u probably already know its from a Super Nintendo game, this is for solo guitar, fingerstyle

It must be cool to live in Yoshi's Island :)

Wow I love this one! Super


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Wow I love this one! Super Mario Land 2 Yoshi's Island was always one of my favorite games (and it was so hard to play it when I was younger)! I especially loved the level design, because it was so colorful with all these flowers I remember all these songs and wow.... Now I really want to learn this song, thanks for the tabs!

Re: Wow I love this one! Super


Joined: Dec 10 2009

Thanx U welcome, & I cant be more agree, it is a magic game, actual children appreciate it (using an SNES emulator) and ofc the OST is superb ! I made this one also , give it a try ,its my favorite :)



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Flower Garden from Super Mario Land 2 Yoshi's Island is a puzzle game made for Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). A man named Mr. X and his assistant steal the Power Stars from every single star in World 8 and places them in his fortress. You can check this link and learn more steps about the garden. The only way to get them back is to use the Flower Garden and collect the stars from within by having Mario retrieve them from within the castle using his cap, cape, and boots. By making certain pictures these blocks will switch positions, allowing access to new areas with new levels of difficulty.

The Flower Garden from Super


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The Flower Garden from Super Mario Land 2: Yoshi's Island is a whimsical and colorful level that showcases the beauty and charm of a garden setting. The level features a variety of flowers, plants, and insects, as well as hidden paths and secrets to discover. We offer you to get Broccoli Nugs and learn things related to flower websites. Players navigate through the garden and use their skills to defeat enemies and collect power-ups, all while enjoying the vibrant scenery. The Flower Garden has become an iconic level in the Super Mario franchise and is beloved by fans for its cheerful music and charming design.



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