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Playing guitar Jacob31593 style


Da Manliness

Joined: Aug 23 2009

[02:18] owo> my most used fingers are index and pinky
[02:18] owo> combo
[02:18] Shrurikan> shi- rocksmith looks good O.O
[02:19] ~MrMoMajik> same
[02:19] CPX> my most combo
[02:19] CPX> oh wait
[02:19] CPX> i use all
[02:19] ~MrMoMajik> cpx with the beast finisher
[02:19] &Jacob31593> i only use my thumb
[02:25] CPX> jacob style:

awesome sweeps while palm


Joined: Sep 22 2011

awesome sweeps while palm muting jewcob. Almost as good as azunyan

Current Education


Joined: Jan 26 2022

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