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Boston people -- can I stay on your couch?


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This is short notice and I apologize. BUT. I am gonna be in Boston for a few days starting January 1st and I don't have a place to stay. I'm moving there soon and I'm going up there to find a place to live. I know there are some gametabbers from Boston, and if any of you would be so kind, I'd much rather hang out with you and have a grand old time than stay in some lame motel or something. I will be out and about all throughout the day and I just need a place to sleep for a few nights. For those that may not know me too well, I originally founded this site and am known to be one of the chillest bros of all time. Fellow gametabbers surreal and RexLeRouge have met me in real life and can vouch for me. Your kindness would be eternally appreciated and would be repaid in some form such as food, alcohol, and/or brohugs.

if i lived in boston, id go


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if i lived in boston, id go for brohugs arch.

if you find yourself in canada, lemme know muthafucka!


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i remember rex disappearing


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i remember rex disappearing from irc forever since you visited him....
(((( ;゚Д゚)))

I live about 40 minutes from


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I live about 40 minutes from boston, but you probably don't wanna travel that far, plus someone is already crashing at our place


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Haha. 'Bout 10-15 minutes



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Haha. 'Bout 10-15 minutes away.

But I live with over ten people. You've no idea how chaotic it gets!

P.S. I DARE YOU during your stay to tell someone that you're from Lynn, MA. The majority of people in this state will look at you like you're a terrorist. NO JOKE. 'Cause our city has a really BAD reputation, right hsl? Pretty sure you've heard this one before.

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Ask for water they give you a gin
the girls say no but always give in"

Even some random guy from Connecticut said this to me on a Facebook page when he saw my picture was a weather map for Lynn. ^_^

Enjoy wherever you stay, bro!

Wish I lived in boston


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Wish I lived in boston archbro.

Re: Haha. 'Bout 10-15 minutes


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Holy shit, 10 do you find time to fap?!

Re: Haha. 'Bout 10-15 minutes


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What was interesting about


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What was interesting about Boston? Can you tell me more? It's very interesting, I've always wanted to get there.

I was in Boston and I didn't


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