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"Super Mario Series for Guitar" [to buy or not to buy ?]


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I m just happy finding this stuff :

Notice the cheat price :P

Well what are you thinking about the quality of these arrangments ? Is anyone knows a review/test himself/heard anything about that new tabs book ?

meh, i was never much into


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meh, i was never much into the mario music, aside from a few tracks i guess.

im content with what this site has to offer honestly.


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I'm not sure if this is a new


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I'm not sure if this is a new tab book or not. I have this one:

and it looks like the same book (sans super best in the title)

If it's the same one it's a great book, you will be very happy with it. Some of the arrangements are tricky, but they are done well and really stay true to the feel of the originals. I'd recommend it.

Great !


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At this moment I just baught Ghibli tab (it s awesome).

Yep its the same tab probably Well according yr opinion & for 10 euros (I live in france) I ll be happy for sure :D so I buy it.

In the future I ll Want buy all these book of tabs:

Best of Final Fantasy Guitar Solo Sheet Music Book With CD

Dragon Quest Guitar Solo Collection Score

Final Fantasy Guitar Solo Official Best Collection with CD

Final Fantasy Solo Guitar Collections 2 Book With CD

Legend of Zelda Series for Guitar Sheet Music with CD

Square Enix Best Guitar Solo Score Sheet Music and CD

Super Mario Series for Guitar - Super Best Sheet Music w/CD

Super Mario Series Guitar Sheet Music

Final Fantasy Guitar Solo Collection Book


ofc digital copy exist on the web but I would like a real tab with paper :) I'm just spying the incoming of a cheap price (ebay or else discount way)

Thanks for help Kabukibear

You really found a deal with


Happy Strumming!

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You really found a deal with this mario book, that price is great. If it comes with the cd of the recordings I would forever be in your debt if you would rip the audio and put it up on megaupload or mediafire or something. I've been dying to hear how some of these arrangements sound. I'm guessing at that price it DOESN'T have the cd, but one can always hope, right?



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Unfortunatly the Alfred Publishing book than I bought doesn't include the cd, it s why it's so cheaper.

The version is cd is published by Yamaha for 40$ more

In french or english langagues I was unable to find something usefull or an owner of the cd.

I guess a russian or a japanese spoken could also find a owner or a rip of this cd : searching inside the guitarist forums or elsewhere

Anyway the time is with us, just wait & see, an opportunity will appear one day !

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I've never been able to play this song :c



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