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Need new distortion any ideas?


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ffs danelectro sux ballz do not buy the're metal distortion

this morning i was about to play i set up my distortion and wah then i get glitch robot noises coming from my distortion it was dead thats the second one now, i gave it the old hammer treatment to see if it will talk but it just died

anyone know any good metal distortion pedals that do not cost an arm and a leg + your kidnys?

Big Muff. More of a fuzz than


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Big Muff. More of a fuzz than a distortion, but you can definitely play metal with it. I do.

I have an Ibanez SM7 myself,


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I have an Ibanez SM7 myself, and I like the sound a lot. Not too expensive, and also has a pretty sturdy metal casing. Some random sound demo here.

What about $50? Might be an


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What about $50? Might be an arm but you can keep your leg and kidneys.

I used to use This and it was very good at giving a great metal distortion. Theres a shape knob to get the low ballsy distortion like disturbed or you can go higher for an earlier punk shape. Experiences may vary ;)


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I would go for the multi


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I would go for the multi effect pedals, cheapest you can get is like $75 and you get a lot of different distortions plus a lot of OTHER effects to use. I have a Digitech one.