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Am I camera shy?



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Some, help me! I try to get cover videos, but I never can because my performance in front of a camera is always flawed compared to what i can do without it. And this is in my basement with no audience. Why do I keep messing up with the camera? <___<

everyone gets stressed or


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everyone gets stressed or nervous when they try to record something

you must calm yourself

Just keep at it, you'll get


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Just keep at it, you'll get used to it.

do what I do. do a billion


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do what I do. do a billion takes, spend so much time recording that you forget that you actually are recording, get used to it.

The idea of learning the


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The idea of learning the notes so well you can forget the notes isn't some sort of metaphorical ideal, it's a reality when it comes to performing. You've heard the term "muscle memory," probably, but it's the idea of learning a piece so well that you no longer have to think about it. For the amateur musician, this lofty goal is difficult to reach. There will always be errors, but there is a reason professional musicians can play with so few of these errors, it's PRACTICE. It's playing a piece so much you no longer have to think about it. It's knowing it so well that you can play it backwards just as beautifully without a hesitation. The reason is that we, in times of great stress, revert to our natural state. Well, what is the most natural state of someone who doesn't practice often? It's playing a piece of music poorly. So even if you can play it when you are relaxed without a flaw, under stress, most likely you will mess up! The key is to practice and learn and dive into a piece so completely, that it becomes natural for you. Learn the notes SO WELL that you can forget the notes. You think while you type, but do you think about every single fingerstroke while typing? I doubt it, because it's something you do all the time. It sounds obvious, but practice can be something we don't want to do. Well...PRACTICE. EVERY DAY. A TON.

btw OP I like your avatar :)


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btw OP I like your avatar :) single FTW!!!

I get nervous too when "being


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I get nervous too when "being watched", and not just when playing the guitar,but also when i do everything else.

On my past cover Tetris Theme A, i had to repeat it over and over, cuz i was having blackouts, when i was nearly done with recording -.-"

After that i was able to play it everytime without missing any single note when i wasn't recording anymore

Same happens when i try to talk for the cam or so, but it wont happen if im doing it live for many people, weirdo.

Well in my opinion, there are



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Well in my opinion, there are two things when it comes to recording.

When you start recording, you want it to be near perfect, so if you screw up even a little, you will want to redo it. So this way, it seems like you might not be camera shy, but maybe a perfectionist, at least that is how I am. When I am practicing and not recording, I can play a whole song, but not without small mistakes that would bug me in a recording.

Second thing, just concentrate on playing. If you don't, you will forget what to play next and blank out.

I agree with kabuki you have


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I agree with kabuki you have to practice the piece to death until you can play it so easily that you can play it without thinking. When you're in front of a camera or audience your mind cannot focus on playing the music 100% because of distractions or being nervous, that is why you will make mistakes. The more practice you put into a piece the easier it will be to perform it.

WOAHZZZzzZ. Completely forgot



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WOAHZZZzzZ. Completely forgot about this thread.

Thanks, guys. I'm in the same situation as Basch :D

Play allot with other people


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Play allot with other people around and friends.

Go to a guitar store and just play.

Record yourself allot on camera or just sound or both at the same time.

It's not that you want to play everything without thinking, It's just you want to be able to play while others are around. If you play something without thinking, as soon as you do play and your mind thinks about playing ( Like where can i add a solo ) or something like shifting your hand you will then mess up because you weren't thinking about what u were playing.

Like Walking, You know how to do it well enough and you can think about it while your doing it. But say you walk on a stage, You might get nervous, it's not that you don't know how to walk but now your focus is in too many places at 1 time. It's a nerve " Just do it" kind of thing. Just dont care and do it.


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Do you guys think a



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Do you guys think a I-made-a-crappy-recording-can-you-suggest-me-how-to-improve-thread(!) would help ? I mean.. I play several hours every day, and can play most pieces rather fluent without grave mistakes - but still when I start recording many mistakes happen that I normally wouldn't do at all :D So maybe if we start a thread like that people don't feel a presonal pressure to make it sound as perfect as possible and can get used to record some pieces - and improve over time.

At least thats the theorie. I recorded around.. lets say it felt like 500 times I tried to record stamens corridors of time - but it sounds rather horrific to me, every take has something different that sounds off : p

Oh and also: In my last recoding Auri and Bhael told me about incitation problems, which I had never realized before - I think with helpful advice one can gradually correct more and more stuff which don't even have to be mistakes in playing itself. And as result improve his/her playing as a whole.

Re: Do you guys think a



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Hmm I think this is what the recordings section is here for
Post your stuff and eventually you'll get advices (or kicks in your ego)

I have the same problem. I



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I have the same problem. I play and play and screw up when i record. I was worse a long time ago. But i had good advise from a family member. Play before a group of drunks. If you can do that, than you can play before anyone :3

before that i couldn't get through a full song without giving up and quit playing songs. Lol

I think what really helps is


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I think what really helps is to stop thinking of "Okay, now it's recording time.". Just record yourself often (even when you're not trying to "make a recording"), and don't pin yourself down to a timeframe (I MUST have the recording in 48 hours - you simply cannot make that commitment until you're good at recording).
Just do your best, and accept that you will record many bad takes to a few good takes (there's only one way to play it right, but infinity to play it wrong). Make recording a part of your practice, and it won't feel so scary doing it when you want to.


Kind of echoing what others


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Kind of echoing what others have said but my high school choir director always said "Amateurs practice until they get it right. Professionals practice until they can't get it wrong." It's that mentality and drive in practicing music that has helped me anyway with performance situations and being in front of a camera.
Also, never underestimate the power of visualization/law of attraction etc. Before you record, just take 10-20 mintutes. Go to a quiet place. Get settled in a comfortable position and relax. Once you are relaxed, imagine or picture yourself playing the piece flawlessly and with the best musicality possible. Picture how you will feel when you play it, what you will look like, etc. Keep doing it for the rest of your visualization time. Whenever I do this, I feel pumped and roaring to go perform. I did this for my college vocal audition about 2 hours before and got a $3000 a year scholarship. Really works well, feel free to try :)


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It's weird, I can actually play more confortable in front of people than in front of a Camera.

So I guess it must be just a correct mindset that you get from recording you a lot.



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