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Need more flash games


Joined: Jun 21 2011

I was in the flash games section and I noticed that there was only one game in that section. Here are some suggestions for some more flash games: Happy Wheels, Club Penguin, Gravity Guy, Fragger, GROW, and Tonties.

Feel free to leave any other suggestions to help the flash game section grow.

A game is only listed if


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A game is only listed if theres a tab posted for it, I mean, I think you know that, but just in case.
Oh god though, club pengiun....

We only care about one flash


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We only care about one flash game

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Hehehe. Plecofish, you can


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Plecofish, you can submit tabs for whatever games you want :-)



ehhhhaaahhhhhh club penguin


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ehhhhaaahhhhhh club penguin nononono