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What gage strings do you guys use?


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I've been using 13's (on my acoustic)for the last month or two now and I have a pretty hard time having clean sounding barre chords on the lower frets. It's also a little difficult for me to get my hammer ons to sound out with my pinky.

That plus my strings are fairly high off the frets so I have to push down fairly hard to avoid buzzing or to get a clean sound. It's overall made my play sound pretty ugly.

I'm thinking about swapping the strings to a smaller size, just curious what you guys use.

Isn't 13's on acoustic about


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Isn't 13's on acoustic about normal? I'd recommend getting the action (height of strings off of fretboard) on your guitar fixed by a professional. Don't change strings, the bigger the strings, the better the sound.

I don't (usually) play


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I don't (usually) play acoustic, but I recommend you lowering the action to lessen the amount of pressure you have to apply. Also I think holding the guitar in classical position also would help to reduce that as well.



I never cared about gauge


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I never cared about gauge strings. I just buy a package and play. Never had problems.

You could try getting extra


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You could try getting extra lights to see if that offsets your high action. Otherwise, just get it lowered.



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I use .013 Elixirs and I'm usually alright. Methinks the action may be the larger benefactor in the problem.

I don't play acoustic - but I


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I don't play acoustic - but I use 9s, which is what my guitar was set up for. I used 10s once just to see what they sounded like, and I honestly liked them better, but they keep knocking the intonation off, so I figure when I buy my new guitar here soon, I'm going to get it set up for 10s.

Yeah I'd like to have the


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Yeah I'd like to have the action lowered but I'm sort of paranoid about fret buzz popping up so I'm more inclined to swap to lower gage of string as most of the time I used 12s or smaller, but who knows maybe I will see how much it costs to get my action messed with.

If you wanted, you could use


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If you wanted, you could use lower tension instead of thinner. I'm using the Ernie Ball silk and steel 13s, which I like a lot. But tonally, it's nothing like using high-tension strings, and some people hate them. I like them :-) I switched back from the Martin silk and steels, which are 11.5s.