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Recording songs on the computer


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Hey, I looked over Strangejam's post about home recording, and it seems I have a lot to learn / and a lot to buy... I bought a mic but don't even have a cord for it yet and no software and no money. I was wondering if there are free / open source software for guitar recording interfaces available for download? Or if you want high quality sound must you spend hundreds of dollars? I don't even make enough $ to feed myself :[

anyway I appreciate all your guys' work on this site it is truly a beautiful place :D

You can record stuff with


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You can record stuff with Audacity, which is free and open source. I think that's the most popular free program for recording stuff.

There's an open source DAW called Ardour, which I think tries to imitate Logic, but I've never actually used it. Reaper (a DAW) is free for 30 days but not open source. (It's free forever, but you're not supposed to use it past 30 days without registering, which costs like $60. I think some people use it past the 30 days, but plan on paying the $60 when they have money eventually.)

EDIT: DAW = Digital Audio Workstation. It's the term for fully featured programs for recording / mixing / etc.



Hey! I'd suggest Audacity,

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Hey! I'd suggest Audacity, it's completely free and I love it! Good luck!

Sweet !


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Thank you thank you ! ! I'll try to contribute more, you girls and guys are great with music, i owe you ^^