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An Introduction Is In Order


Joined: Aug 02 2011

I guess...I hate introductions, they are like first dates w/o sex. Yet, here goes...
My name is Adam and I live in a miserable town in a miserable state. I smoke regularly, probably drink too much, and generally believe that I'm above the law. I work gut-wrenching, physically demanding jobs for little pay to support my habits. This makes me cranky and cynical and pretty much an asshole to people who generally don't deserve it. I am honest to a fault and hate it, but lying goes against the fiber of my being. Also, I hate liars.
I've been playing guitar off and on now for about 8 years. And when I say off and on, I mean mostly off. When I do practice, it's mostly classical and fingerstyle. I use a Gallato of Paris Selmer reproduction Gypsy Jazz guitar. And I like it.
I love vgm, especially for RPGs dating from late 80's to around 2002-3. My fav composer is Miki Higashino. He's teh shit. Also, I liek milk.
Anyways, nice to meet all of you. Hope to be around here for a while and hope more to contribute soon.

welcome kage25130, Hopefully


Save Your Tears.

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welcome kage25130,
Hopefully you can fight your addictions with music in a near future with the arrangements this site has to offer n.n


23:33 Vic9mm said: its ture ida benn gone she took out like 3 kids before had what was that fat ass asian kid gonna do

Little J.

hello, and most of gametabs


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hello, and most of gametabs isn't gay, even though they enjoy posting and commenting of each other shirtless and/or flexing

Introduction approved, you


give me a dollar

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Introduction approved, you may proceed to tabs or submissions forum.

Gypsy Jazz? apparently there're some Django songs in Bioshock.

It's always good to get your


Joined: Sep 06 2008

It's always good to get your "not gay" disclaimers out of the way.

Your favorite composer is a she :-D



Re: It's always good to get your


Joined: Aug 02 2011

*smacks forehead*
Damn. All this time..


Your knowledge of scientific biological transmogrification is only outmatched by your zest for kung-fu treachery!


Kevin Becker

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I'm a loser at meeting girls.


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I'm a loser at meeting girls. All the girls I've been with, I've known them for a long time, but I've never been able to go up and meet them on the street.

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