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Does anyone else think so?



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Listen to the guitar solo @ 2:06, doesn't the 2:17 transition sound like FFIX?

Re: Does anyone else think so?



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oh, and I fail at embedding


I opened one box of cereal only to find a totally different bag of cereal inside... such is life

I fixed your embedding


I haven't had a chance to trim my hedges recently. Thanks for visiting anyway...

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I fixed your embedding problem for you. However, I think you might want to point out which FFIX song it sounds like... I'm not sure I hear it XD.

Edit: I also made it start at 2:06 for you :)

No not really. This


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No not really.

This transition at 1:56 in the song below is more traditional final fantasy imo



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I was referring to the tune that starts @ 0:04

I don't know, when I listen to that song, I hear the battle theme from FFIX lol


I opened one box of cereal only to find a totally different bag of cereal inside... such is life

Yeah I also think so.


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Yeah I also think so.



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Great, i did it, thank you so


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Yeah I also think so))


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Yeah I also think so))

I mean, sure, it's


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I don't know


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I don't know, that tune reminds me of the FFIX fight happy wheels game theme.

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Does anyone else think so?


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I think almost the same.