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Guitar Pedals: Digitech MultiFX?



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Bonjour! Il y a un guy selling his Digitech RP500 on Craigslist for $180 and it comes with the powersupply, manual, and box. The retail price is $300. They have really good reviews, but I heard that they sound very digital? The videos on YouTube sounded fine to me...

Im just looking for a way to record my guitar playing, along with effects and preamps. And this could be my first pedal.

Has anyone here ever tried these? Thanks.

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nice frenchglish dude

Sounds like a good deal. I


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Sounds like a good deal. I have the RP90, which doesn't have as much but it still comes loaded with tons of effects and settings. I like it!

Go for it


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I own a rp200a. The sounds were decent enough for a multi fx. Problem was the 200a had major fail issues or something. The first one I bought lasted 2 weeks before i had to send it back to musicians friend. The second one lasted like 3 months and it also quit functioning. Since then that model was discontinued. I've heard the 350 and it sounds fantastic the 500 must be even better right (lol)?


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Im just looking for a way to


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Im just looking for a way to record my guitar playing..



Go to a guitar shop and ask a


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Go to a guitar shop and ask a multi effect or a device with an USB out to plug into your computer.


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