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"Prayer II: The Road that Leads" Arrangement(?)


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Hello all, been working on a piece where I play under the chords [all 3 o' 'em] of Chrono Trigger's "Prayer to the Road that Leads". Been meaning to for a while, finally just happened.

I call it "Prayer II: The Road that Leads"

3 instruments- keys playing the original chords, guitar arpeggiating said chords, and the bass kicking ass. I'm not as keen on the guitar part as I am the bass, but I do like it, and considering how bad I am at writing for guitar ('specially chords OMG i suck at 'em - one reason why I wrote something under this chord progression) i think it came out really well.
oh,right, here is the tab. and here's a midi for lo-banders.

I'm looking for feedback, good or bad, please don't hesitate to tell me any nitpicky little problem you have with it, or huge WTF screwups.

I am also wondering if this would be considered an arrangement of the song, and be open for inclusion on the site, barring any problems needing fixed?

EDIT: Addressed 3rd chord and it's arpeggios impossibility on guitar. Capo on 6 or 1 - see updated text tab. :)

REEDIT: yeah so i'm'a post it