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One Piece - Minato Mura (Village Harbor (Bar Song))


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I arranged this nice little ragtime from the anime One Piece for solo guitar, but I am having problems with finishing the tab. I don't know much about composing or notations OR Guitarpro, which I am using so I can't really do it right. I'm supposed to combine the background rythm and the melody to a one track, but just don't know how to write it.

Now I'm asking if anyone would have the time to finish this nice piece so people can actually play it well. Bad explanation, but you should understand it when you see :p

So here's the WIP, I hope you solve my problem.

Re: One Piece - Minato Mura (Village Harbor (Bar Song))


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Ah yeah... to clarify this a bit:

The tracks themselves are complete, but the notations for both tracks are supposed to be a single track. I just can't figure the way to write it down in music :p

Here you go I had to make


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Here you go

I had to make some minor adjustments so the notes rang out properly as a single track. Also, measure 17 seems to have a pretty difficult stretch, is it supposed to be like that?

If you want to combine the melody and bass together, there are 2 buttons you'll need located somewhere towards the top. The first has 6 lines, with the bottom 3 faded out. Tab out the melody with that button selected. The second one is located next to that and looks very similar. The only difference is that the top 3 lines are faded out instead. Select that and tab out the bass and your problem is solved. Hope that explanation was clear.



Re: Here you goI had to make


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Yeah that's awesome. Now I just have to tweak those stretches and other parts a bit and post it here.

Many thanks!