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FF Guitar Book with FF13 songs - anyone have this?


Joined: Nov 27 2009

went looking about for new final fantasy guitar books and found this! (hurray for the insanely high ozzie dollar making me go shopping!)
its 65 songs and has some from ff13.

so... anyone got this and are the new arrangements any good? (or is it just a rehash of the old book + some crappy new stuff?)

and then theres this one -

with 25 songs and a cd! i dunno why they cant come up with new book names ._.?

I don't think it's a rehash.


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I don't think it's a rehash. I don't have it though. But IIRC there was someone selling a copy on here recently, and the samples they posted sounded better than the old book to me.



Check your pm, exilehunter.


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Check your pm, exilehunter.


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Interesting, I may look into



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Interesting, I may look into getting a copy of this.

crimsondark i want to check


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crimsondark i want to check my pms too!


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