Prelude (Final Fantasy) Guitar Tab

Submitted: Apr 07, 2010 by auriplane

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Game: Final Fantasy
Composer(s): Nobuo Uematsu
Style: Alternate picking, Transcription
Series: Final Fantasy

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                            Final Fantasy I - Prelude GUITAR TAB
                                 Composed by Nobuo Uematsu

                           Tabbed by Auriplane ([email protected])

This is the fairly simple prelude from the first Final Fantasy, for NES.  It was later
added to, but this is based on the original.  However, this has two octaves of the arps
removed, to make it easy to play :-)

There's plenty of tabs for this, but the ones I saw (I didn't look very hard) seemed
to change some details.  I just wanted to get the notes down, minus the two octaves,
because it came up in a conversation and I wanted to show someone what they were.

Standard tuning.

   Bbadd9                           Gmadd9
e |----------------6---------------|----------------3---------------|
B |------------3-6---6-3-----------|--------------3---3-------------|
G |3-------3-5-----------5-3-------|--2-3-----2-3-------3-2-----3-2-|  x2
D |------3-------------------3-----|5-----0-5---------------5-0-----|
A |--3-5-----------------------5-3-|--------------------------------|
E |--------------------------------|--------------------------------|

   Ebadd9                           Fadd9
e |----------------3---------------|------------1-3-5-3-1-----------|
B |------------4-6---6-4-----------|--------------------------------|
G |--3-------3-----------3-------3-|2-------2-5-----------5-2-------|
D |5-----3-5---------------5-3-----|----3-5-------------------5-3---|
A |----6-----------------------6---|--3---------------------------3-|
E |--------------------------------|--------------------------------|

   GbMaj7                           AbMaj7
e |--------------1-2-1-------------|--------------3-4-3-------------|
B |------------2-------2-----------|------------4-------4-----------|
G |--3-------3-----------3-------3-|----------5-----------5---------|
D |4-----3-4---------------4-3-----|6-----5-6---------------6-5-----|
A |----4-----------------------4---|--3-6-----------------------6-3-|
E |--------------------------------|--------------------------------|

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2 comments on Prelude

Got my vote.


Got my vote.

Lady Auriplane, it sounds


Lady Auriplane, it sounds nice! I think I'll practice this one with a pick.

Thano you for sharing it with us!