Royal Palace (Final Fantasy V) Guitar Tab

Submitted: Aug 30, 2010 by kanshiketsu89 (Last updated: Sep 04, 2010)

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Game: Final Fantasy V
Composer(s): Nobuo Uematsu
Style: Arrangement, Fingerstyle
Series: Final Fantasy

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Song: Royal Palace
Game: Final Fantasy V
Composed by: Nobuo Uematsu
Arranged by : kanshiketsu89

God I used to stick around those castles for ages just so I could listen to this song. :) It's one of
my all time favorites, not just from ff but from all old school games. Anyway, one day I decided to go
look for a tab or a cover of this song and to my surprise, I found nothing. So I made my own. And here
I am now writing this tab and hoping that there's someone else out there who also thinks that this song
is awesome and who will be really happy to find this tab. If you have any problems with understanding
the tab, go watch my vid on youtube (just click the video button above). And have fun folks.

Capo on 6th fret


Here you basically play the same thing, just 3 frets higher. You'll probably have some problems with
how to position your fingers at first (well, I had... :)



                                   Here you gotta let those bass notes ring for as long as possible.
When you hit that G it should ring all the way until you hit the D and so on. So when you strum that
2nd fret on the A string you gotta keep your (index) finger on it and play the other notes with your
other fingers. Same thing then with 3rd fret on A string, keep your (middle) finger on the bass note.
In the original song each of those 4 bass note is actually strummed twice, but then it's a bit hard to
play cuz this is a pretty fast part anyway. But don't worry about this, just play it the way you like.


And that's all, the game just loops the whole thing over and over again. So from here it goes like:

D/----------------------0------------/  etc.

Play it all around as many times as you want to. Well, hope you like my tab.
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2 comments on Royal Palace

Another arrangement from you!

Another arrangement from you! That's pretty nice.
Then again, another nice choice. Final Fantasy V had one of the greatests sound tracks ever made, and this music was one of my favorites.

I see that you added some Hammer-ons and Pull-ofs this time. And some interesting mini-solos as well. Your works are improving!

And, I repeat. Even if it sounds annoying, it would be a lot better if you could transcribe it to guitar pro, even if you keep the rythim stead. The more personal and complex your arrangements grow, the harder it gets for the player to catch how to play only by reading the .txt.

I hope to see more works from you. Thank you for sharing!

Tnx mate. I always appreciate

Tnx mate. I always appreciate your comment. And I'm really glad that we share the same opinion about FF V music cuz it... well.. just kicks ass... :D And yes, I know I'd be better to do some GP tabs as well, but still, I'll rather use that time to make another arrangement. When I started playing guitar I didn't know that GP exists, and for the first few years I learned everything from plain tabs. And I think this helped me to get better, cuz I had to use my own brain too a bit... ;) GP is great, but it makes you a bit lazy and spoiled, and soon you don't want to think about a song for yourself, you just wanna repeat everything it shows you. And since I'm covering songs that no one else has made a tab for yet, I use this opportunity to force people to do some old school song learning. :) You know, like, if you want to play this put a little effort into it yourself. Besides, I always provide a video, so it shouldn't be too much trouble for anyone. But who knows, maybe one day I start doing GP too. If so, It'll probably be thanks to you... :P