The Place I'll Return to Someday (Final Fantasy IX) Guitar Tab

Submitted: Oct 06, 2014 by Basisti94

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Game: Final Fantasy IX
Composer(s): Nobuo Uematsu
Style: Arrangement, Fingerstyle
Series: Final Fantasy

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                        The Place I'll Return to Someday
Final Fantasy IX
Nobuo Uematsu
Guitar arrangement by Basisti94 (Miro Laaksonen)

Capo 5
Tempo ~ 70

     E.  S E  E     S S S S E  S S    E  E  E  S S    E  E  E  E   

  E.  S E  E     Q    E  S S    E  E  E  E     E  S S Q       E.  S E  E   

  S S S S E  S S    E  E  E  S S    E  E  E  E     E  S S S S S S  

  E  E  E  S S    E  E  E  E     E  S S Q       Q    E  E     E  S S E  E   

  E  S S E  E     Q    Q       Q    E  E     E  S S E  E     E  E  E  S S  

  Q    Q       Q    E  E     E  S S E  E     E  S S E  E     Q    Q     

  Q    E  E     E  S S E  E     E  E  E  S S    H                        

Duration Legend
W - whole
H - half
Q - quarter
E - 8th
S - 16th
T - 32nd
X - 64th
. - note dotted
|-n-|  - n-tuplets

Tablature Legend
L - tied note
x - dead note
g - grace note
(n) - ghost note
> - accentuded note
NH - natural harmonic
AH - artificial harmonic
TH - tapped harmonic
SH - semi harmonic
PH - pitch harmonic
h - hammer on
p - pull off
b - bend
S - shift slide
s - legato slide
/ -  slide into from below or out of upwards
\ -  slide into from above or out of downwards
~ - vibrato
W - wide vibrato
tr - trill
TP - tremolo picking
T - tapping
S - slap
P - pop
< - fade in
^ - brush up
v - brush down
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7 comments on The Place I'll Return to Someday

I Can Tell By Looking At This Alone That This Is Excellent

Can't wait to play when I get a chance!


sounds perfect! addicting to play repeatedly! lol

The Childhood Feels


They flow to me so strongly <3

Practically speechless


The tab speaks for itself. This was one of the first songs I ever learned, and it was a simple version since no others would pull it off quite right in fingerstyle. This, though....this is the best version of this song I've ever seen. Bravo.

Strange... I hear it sounding

Strange... I hear it sounding totally wrong ! Maybe I played too many times the songenuit version ?(as songenuit said "I used a different harmony to make it more interesting. It sounds a little medieval, now")
Strange my feelings here anyway :)

That is definitely a cool

That is definitely a cool arrangement.
I followed the official piano sheet music as closely as possible, so the it should be accurate as accurate to the original as possible.

Hey ! Thanks for rapid

Hey ! Thanks for rapid answer.
Well you right, the official piano sheet music itself sounds wrong or strange :
According the piano performance, I hear the bass notes very messy, I mean not synchronized with the same harmony (chords) than the melody. It's even different than an constant shift as often used vocals harmony. Here's I can here just the Chaos ! ^^
I rarely met a piece like that before for solo, it sounds so bizarre, I even can't love it.. but I loved all the simplified version (with Only One harmony) as songenuit tab & ofc the Erutan (aka katethegreat19) cover :
Since Nobuo Uematsu can't be wrong :D I guess I just need to learn much more about music to be able to appreciate this kind of "divergent style" :)