Mystic Mysidia (Final Fantasy IV) Bass Tab

Submitted: Nov 02, 2009 by auriplane

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Game: Final Fantasy IV
Composer(s): Nobuo Uematsu
Style: Transcription
Series: Final Fantasy

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               Final Fantasy IV (SNES) - Mystic Mysidia BASS TAB
                           Composed by Nobuo Uematsu
                     Tabbed by auriplane ([email protected])

Four-string bass, standard tuning.  Rest for one measure at the beginning.

   E   S S E   S S E   S S E   S S 
G |--------------------------------|
D |0--h7p6---------0--h7p6---------| x12
A |--------0--h7p6---------0--h7p6-|
E |--------------------------------|

   E   E   E   E   Q       E   E    E   E   E   E   Q       Q        
G |--------------------------------|--------------------------------|
D |--------------------------------|--------4---6---7---------------|
A |7---5---------------------------|5---7-------------------0-------|
E |--------8---7---5-------7---8---|--------------------------------|

   Q.          S S Q       Q        Q       E   E   H                
G |--------------------------------|--------------------------------|
D |--------------------------------|------------1---2---------------|
A |------------0-2-3---------------|2-------4-----------------------|
E |3-----------------------3-------|--------------------------------|

   Q       Q       Q       Q        
G |--------------------------------|
D |3-------2-------1-------2-------|
A |--------------------------------|
E |--------------------------------|

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I remember that song...