The Legend (Deltarune) Guitar Tab

Submitted: Feb 18, 2019 by JoshuaRichardsonArt (Last updated: May 15, 2019)

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Game: Deltarune
Composer(s): Toby Fox
Style: Fingerstyle

Click here for a video example.

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My First Tab :3

Video of Tab (This tab is a credit to them. I just wanted to write it down):

BPM: 104

E = Eighth Note

Q = Quarter Note

H = Half Note

             Q     E   E     Q    Q         Q     Q       H          Q   E  E       Q        Q       Q      Q         H
e |-------------0---8---7----------------0------0--1--3----1------0----------------0----------|| (Repeat)
B |----------1-----------------8-----------------------------------------3----1-----------------||
G |-----2---------------------------7-----------------------------------------------------------||
D |---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------||
A |---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------||
E |---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------||
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