Blue Lake (Coryoon, Child of Dragon) Bass Tab

Submitted: May 18, 2012 by auriplane

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Game: Coryoon, Child of Dragon
Composer(s): Hisashi Matsushita, Daisuke Morishima
Style: Transcription

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             Coryoon, Child of Dragon - Blue Lake BASS TAB
             Song by Hisashi Matsushita, Daisuke Morishima

                Tabbed by auriplane ([email protected])

    Four-string bass, standard tuning.  This song is really short!

G |----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
D |---5-------5----|----------------|---7-------7----|----------------| x4
A |3-----3-3-----3-|---7-------7----|5-----5-5-----5-|---5-------5----|
E |----------------|5-----5-5-----5-|----------------|3-----3-3-----3-|

G |------6---------|------8---------|----------------|----------------|
D |---6---------6--|---8---------8--|---10------10---|---10------10---|
A |4---------4-----|6---------6-----|8-----8-8-----8-|8-----8-8-----8-|
E |----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|

    I put the last part on the middle strings 'cause then you get a
    chance to do a cool slide when you repeat back to the beginning :-)

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