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You're welcome!

Waterfall 1 year 15 weeks ago

thank you, really appreciate it!

Waterfall 1 year 15 weeks ago

This is awesome!

Fun Fun Fun Dayo 1 year 15 weeks ago

Awesome! Loved to play it

Schala's Theme 1 year 15 weeks ago
   Main Loop
   q  q  q  q     q  q  q  q     q  q  q  q     q  q  q  q
Bedroom 1 year 15 weeks ago
Part 3 A minor chords fixed...
  Part 3
   Am                            G                             F                             G
   |-3-|  |-3-|  |-3-|  |-3-|    |-3-|  |-3-|  |-3-|  |-3-|    |-3-|  |-3-|  |-3-|  |-3-|    |-3-|  |-3-|  |-3-|  |-3-|

   E7                            Am                            F                             G7
   |-3-|  |-3-|  |-3-|  |-3-|    |-3-|  |-3-|  |-3-|  |-3-|    |-3-|  |-3-|  |-3-|  |-3-|    |-3-|  |-3-|  |-3-|  |-3-|
E--4-------------0------------|-----------------------------|--1-------------1------------|--3-------------3------------|| To Coda
Glitter Gulch Mine 1 year 15 weeks ago


Waterfall 1 year 15 weeks ago

This song is a great warmup for the fingers.. nice tab!

Waterfall 1 year 15 weeks ago

I'm reading the FF collection tab and playing on top of the actual track : you're wrong both times.
You shouldn't correct people if you're not sure.

It's E and F#, no doubt on that.

Melodies of Life 1 year 15 weeks ago

Sound's perfect

Track 03 1 year 16 weeks ago


Memories With the Family 1 year 16 weeks ago

I played this in high school, it attracted the principal :o killer song for ladyes

Map Screen 1 year 16 weeks ago

Yep, the original is too energetic, our fingers won't be able to keep up with the speed lol

Also, a funny fact: the original Guitar Pro file is from 2012 but i brought it back from the vault to finish it hehe

Waterfall 1 year 16 weeks ago

Sounds nice, very different from the original. More reflective and somber, instead of energetic.

Waterfall 1 year 16 weeks ago

This song seems like an odd choice for a fingerstyle arrangement but it turned out pretty good.

Waterfall 1 year 16 weeks ago

this is pretty heavy. you must be so good now 14 years later.

Eternity: Memory of Lightwaves 1 year 16 weeks ago


Adachi and Shimamura 1 year 16 weeks ago

Thanks again for posting this. I'll be playing this all day now. :D

Adachi and Shimamura 1 year 16 weeks ago


Museum (Art Exhibit) 1 year 16 weeks ago

Thanks for making tabs out of ヨスガノソラ's soundtracks! You're amazing!!!

Memory 1 year 16 weeks ago


N's Farewell 1 year 16 weeks ago

Great song and a great tab.

Aishiteru 1 year 16 weeks ago

This tab fulfills: Adachi and Shimamura tab help

I copied it to clipboard and tried manually typing it, but the field rejected saying "no valid request with that name found". :/ It's for insomniacmln


Adachi and Shimamura 1 year 16 weeks ago

You're welcome. These last bars from the faithful version can be tricky to play at full speed, that's why i made a simplified one too.

Kraid's Lair 1 year 16 weeks ago

Wonderful! Thanks so much for making this. Especially love bar 6 of the faithful version.

Kraid's Lair 1 year 16 weeks ago

Great job!

EXEC_CHRONICLE_KEY 1 year 16 weeks ago


Tifa's Theme 1 year 16 weeks ago

very difficult to play

Route 113 1 year 17 weeks ago

Pure Badassery!

Departure 1 year 17 weeks ago


Aishiteru 1 year 17 weeks ago

A very nice remix of .kkriegers tab. The full chord strumming is nice and the extra bass notes in the melody really add a lot of fullness to the song.

Your only mistake is that the 3rd chord is supposed to be A# major not A# minor.

Windmill Hut 1 year 17 weeks ago

I feel like a lot more could have been done with the C string.

Maiden Astraea 1 year 17 weeks ago

I never liked this song before, but you've changed my mind.

Castle Cornelia 1 year 17 weeks ago

There's two variations you can play, the easy one or the faithful one which is way harder.

If necessary, you can simplify that fast section too. Like this:

    S S S S S S S S S S S S      S S S S S S S S S S S S 
Kraid's Lair 1 year 17 weeks ago


Dango Daikazoku 1 year 17 weeks ago


Castle 1 year 17 weeks ago

maybe this was edited since your comment, but this was incredibly easy to play. Are you refering to the chords that have two of the same note? like 8b + 12g?

This is a great tab.

Another Guldove 1 year 17 weeks ago

Eh, i just checked his login history. He was only around the site for about a month, back when this was posted in 2019. I don't think he's going to upload the rest.

Hills of the Shire Housing Theme 1 year 17 weeks ago

looking forward to the rest of your tabs bro! If you have a drive or zip of them, please send them to me -
[email protected]

nice work

Hills of the Shire Housing Theme 1 year 17 weeks ago

You came back Jordan, your tabs are the best.

The Circus 1 year 17 weeks ago

Great playing! And that camera angle is cool with the vibrating strings.

Break the targets 1 year 17 weeks ago

Bossa Nova is amazing. those brazilians sure got a good thing going.

great tabs

Going Home (Sorcerian Bossa Nova Mix) 1 year 17 weeks ago
  I revised the second movement to make it easier

   |--3---|    |--2---|                          |--3--|    |---2---|                          |--3---|    |--2---|                          |--3---|    |--2---|

   |--3---|    |--2--|                           |--3---|    |--2---|                          |--3---|    |--2---|                          |--3---|    |--2---|
E--0------------------------------------------|--0-----------------(0)----------------------|--0-----------------(0)----------------------|---------------------------------------------|| x2 then back to Intro
The Elemental Stars 1 year 17 weeks ago

I never liked this song until now.

Fate in Haze 1 year 18 weeks ago

This F# isn't supposed to be plucked. it's actually the previous note that's supposed to be fading by itself. The notation is clearer on the pdf! :)
There's a video example if you want to check the interpretation! My notation may not be perfect in some points!

The Sixth Station 1 year 18 weeks ago

Thanks! I remember it was a pain to record! :)

Pallet Town 1 year 18 weeks ago

Oh yes, this isn't "natural" notes. The E on the 15th fret is actually a pinched harmonic based on the 5th fret. You can see that in the video! :)

Carrying You 1 year 18 weeks ago


Game Over 1 year 18 weeks ago

Hmmm, i will try to explain:

|------2---4-----4| Index Finger
|------------5----| Middle Finger

|---------2-----2-| Index                      Ring
|-------2---------| Index (Barre) - Instead of Middle
|-2---2-------2---| Index                      Index

That way, it's easier to go from that to the Bminor shape:

|------4-------4-------4-------4---| Bm chord (lifting the Index finger when playing E-0)
|------4-------4-------4-----------*|| Bm chord and then, F#m chord

Dearly Beloved 1 year 18 weeks ago

Fairly easy and sounds spot on.
I'm having trouble playing the last 2 bars with sustained notes though. What chord are you using?

Dearly Beloved 1 year 18 weeks ago