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I love it.

2 AM 1 year 5 weeks ago

I've got some long ass fingers so none of these stretch's bothered me. Perfect tab to a perfect bit of music. Thank you.

Frontier Village ~ Dali 1 year 5 weeks ago

I feel like this song wants to be played fast but it's missing enough notes to do so. It has an incredibly awkward timing/feel.

Like it's not a fast song, nor slow, nor medium. It's like a slow song trying to be fast and caught in an awkward in between stage.

also, half step down sounds a lot better as its the original key.

Terra (Blitzwater version) 1 year 5 weeks ago

top notch stuff

Serenity 1 year 5 weeks ago

This sounds heavenly

The Streets of Whiterun 1 year 5 weeks ago

tune down 3 half steps to C# standard for original key. it sounds very great.

Call of Magic 1 year 5 weeks ago

even 11 years later i can't find any good tabs for this gem :(

Silky Heart 1 year 6 weeks ago

Fantastic!!!!! <3

Naminé 1 year 6 weeks ago

hell yeah dude

Main Theme 1 year 6 weeks ago

The "Download" and "Listen" buttons aren't working anymore. Is there a solution for this? It's been happening with the latest tabs.

Opening Stage X 1 year 6 weeks ago



Video example:

Lacunosa Town 1 year 7 weeks ago

I sadly don't know of any way to edit the description as the author so I hope a link in the comments will suffice

Tears of the Stars Hearts of the People 1 year 7 weeks ago

Brilliant! But could also please add an external link to the tab in the description? The "download" button doesn't work.

Tears of the Stars Hearts of the People 1 year 7 weeks ago

This is supposed to be tuned to Drop D. I got too excited to triple check before submitting.

Hang in There, Peach! 1 year 7 weeks ago



Video example:

Undella Town (Spring/Autumn/Winter) 1 year 7 weeks ago

Hi, this fulfills Request: "Magicka - Idle Browsing" for TomsonJohnson. My account is in an error state and cannot post on the forum so I have to note this here. Also it didn't find the request in the field when I put it in.

Main Menu 1 year 7 weeks ago

This music is awesome. Thanks for tabbing it. It's just a bit disapointing that there is no pdf or gp5 file...

Main Theme 1 year 7 weeks ago

thank you! yeah some parts still give me trouble for sure. Keen to see where you get to!

Galdin Quay 1 year 7 weeks ago

no rating or comments yet? this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

Misty's Theme 1 year 7 weeks ago


Pokéflute 1 year 8 weeks ago

well done!!

DL-6 Incident 1 year 8 weeks ago

I just got into this series and needed this tab right about now! =D

Thanks for the great work!

We Are 1 year 8 weeks ago

No cover will ever come close to this. This is the benchmark.

Sons of Skyrim 1 year 8 weeks ago


From Past to Present 1 year 8 weeks ago

nice. havent seen/played this tab before buts its good. its kinda hard to play but hopefully that'll help me improve. im gonna practice it until i lose my patience with it and then i will record it good or bad.

Galdin Quay 1 year 8 weeks ago


Lavender Town 1 year 8 weeks ago


Oakvale Theme 1 year 8 weeks ago

it is pretty difficult. i believe i was on 2 days without sleep when i finished it xD oh damn that was a bad time. ill probably rework it in the future to be more guitar friendly :3

Kaepora Gaebora 1 year 8 weeks ago

B/c of the way I tabbed this, it should be 188 BPM not 94 BPM. Thanks :/

Ending Story 1 year 8 weeks ago


Home Galdove 1 year 8 weeks ago


Wipe Your Tears Away 1 year 8 weeks ago


A Storm in the Desert 1 year 8 weeks ago

That's because i'm the GOAT guitar player! Joking, these recordings are just midis with VSTs. But i did play and record one of my tabs, the Dearly Beloved one:

Sky Sanctuary 1 year 9 weeks ago

An amazing tab and recording!

Sky Sanctuary 1 year 9 weeks ago

Wow! Good job me!

Autumn Theme 1 year 9 weeks ago

Hey, sounds like fun!

I typically don't have the patience to 'perfect' a song as more often than not i'm jumping over to playing the next one in my ever expanding list...

So a 'bad' recording sounds like a fun time to me! Happy to go tit-for-tat and try to play what you or anyone else is playing, it's always a good way to find songs i've never played before.

I'll kick it off with one of my own

File Select 1 year 9 weeks ago


Antique Cowboy (TrangOul, Yuu, & CpxAzn Collaboration) 1 year 9 weeks ago

C Tuning version:

Sky Sanctuary 1 year 9 weeks ago

this arrangement is really good and fun to play. It really deserves a good recording. I wish I was dedicated enough to do it justice but I'm not. And its the same with all the songs i enjoy playing on this site.

what do yall think about making 'bad' recordings? like if there was a leader-boards of some sorts, and whoever made the 'best' recording has the highest score or something. it takes a lot less time to make a bad recording than a good one. well, depending on a persons given skill that is. im gonna make some shoddy recordings of tabs and i would like if whoever is reading this to make a reply to my recording trying to outperform me. also everyone nowadays has a phone which can act as your microphone so i dont think most people have the excuse of 'i dont have recording equipment'. anyways, this is just me trying to bring some life back to this community. let me know what yall think

edit: forgot to mention these recordings would mostly be of tabs that don't already have recordings done of them

File Select 1 year 9 weeks ago

Since this is an older work, wanted to revise it:

   Main Theme:
   Ab                                                         F#9+11,13                                              
   q    e  e  q    q             q  e  e  e  e  e  e          e  e  q    q    q              q    e  e  e  e  e  e      

   Emaj7                                                       Absus4     Ab/C               Ab       
   e  e  q    q    q             h         h                   q.     s s q.          e      w
Opening 1 year 10 weeks ago

Thank you for the compliment. But this tab is not my 100% work. I had liked one tab for the Fallen Down and decided to extend its, making extension as the Fallen Down Reprise.
I almost forgot to mention capo 2 in the description and i still trying to figure out how to edit tabs on the Gametabs after their publication. Cause of it i try to publish tabs on the UG or somewhere else.

Fallen Down tab base

Fallen Down 1 year 10 weeks ago

All the parts are there, but this is not a very accurate transcription.

Autumn Theme 1 year 10 weeks ago

very simple but it sounds great! :)

Dr. Andonuts' Lab 1 year 10 weeks ago

i'll second that one!!

On to Grasstown 1 year 10 weeks ago

no comments?!?!?!
this is fun to play. play it guyz

On to Grasstown 1 year 10 weeks ago


Sunset Waltz 1 year 10 weeks ago


Respite 1 year 10 weeks ago

great tab

Flying Battery Zone Act 1 1 year 10 weeks ago

Don't thank me. I should thank you. Great tab and thanks for making it :)

Truth and Dreams 1 year 10 weeks ago

Tnx. I did my best trying to make it as easier to play as possible without changing the original song too much.

Truth and Dreams 1 year 10 weeks ago