Lost Before Light (Chrono Cross) Guitar Tab

Submitted: Jan 02, 2013 by thedstring

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Game: Chrono Cross
Composer(s): Yasunori Mitsuda
Style: Arrangement, Fingerstyle
Series: Chrono

This song is also called A Light for Lost Hopes

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Previously Lost, Lamp

Chrono Cross

Composed by Yasunori Mitsuda
Tabbed by thedstring (Nate Brooks)

Drop D

    IV________  II_________       (half bar fret 2)

  IV________  II_________       (half bar fret 2)

  IV_____________________                  II_____

  IV________                  ^ IV__

In the 1st and 3rd measure, I like to play the both fret 5's
with my middle finger.  I know it's bad form, but its hard to hit
the correct notes without doing it.  You could instead stop
barring fret 4 and play the notes bar free.
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7 comments on Lost Before Light


Such a sweet short melody. Nice job!

I hope you find it accurate.

I hope you find it accurate. There's been a problem with accuracy in combining the 2 parts in this song's department in the past.

I do have the piano book. I

I do have the piano book. I could see if the song is in there and send you the chords
used in the song. The book literal will have every chord listed even if its 1 or 2 notes added.

Just FYI, Square's sheet

Just FYI, Square's sheet music books aren't always totally true to the original music.



Very nice! And your footnote


Very nice! And your footnote was very relevant, thanks for the alternative. I was only seeing the second finger hop myself, not the "disengage barre" option. When I come back to this one I'll work on both and make a decision.

Playing it again, this tab is


Playing it again, this tab is seeeexy pants.