Dimension Breach (Chrono Cross) Guitar Tab

Submitted: Nov 27, 2014 by auriplane (Last updated: Nov 27, 2014)

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Game: Chrono Cross
Composer(s): Yasunori Mitsuda
Style: Arrangement, Fingerstyle
Series: Chrono

This song is also called 次元の狭間

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                                  Chrono Cross - Jigen no Hazama GUITAR TAB 
                                         Composed by Yasunori Mitsuda

                                   Tabbed by auriplane ([email protected])

This is basically just a transcription of the original song, but I changed the chords in measures 17 and 25
because 2xx775 wasn't playable.  You can always play it on a seven-string, though, as 7xxx775, though that's
slightly awkward.  Anyway, I guess I'll call it an arrangement.

This song has the mistranslated title "Dimension Breach".  The Chrono Cross song titles have been translated
a bunch of times, sometimes poorly, sometimes well.  It doesn't really matter--let's go with "Bend of Time",
which I think is the official in-game translation.

Standard tuning, around 81 bpm, D major, 3/4 time.

   Q   E E E E  Q   Q   Q    Q   H        Q   Q   Q    Q   E E E E  Q   Q   Q    Q   Q   Q    H       Q
e |5---------2-|3-------0---|------------|------------|5---------2-|3---2---5---|0-----------|------------|
B |------3-5---|----2-------|3-----------|--------3---|------3-5---|3-----------|3-------0---|2-------3---|
G |----2-------|----2-------|----2-------|----2-------|----2-------|4-----------|2-----------|2-----------|
D |0-----------|0-----------|----5-------|----5-------|0-----------|----0-------|----2-------|------------|
A |------------|------------|5-----------|5-----------|------------|------------|0-----------|------------|
E |------------|------------|------------|------------|------------|3-----------|------------|------------|

                                                       ^                         ^            ^
   Q   E E E E  Q   Q   Q    Q   Q   Q    H.           Q   Q   Q    H       Q    H       Q    H       E E
e |5---------2-|3-------0---|2-----------|------------|--------2---|0-----------|------------|--------2-3-|
B |------3-5---|----2-------|3-----------|------------|3-----------|3-------3---|3-----------|------------|
G |----2-------|----3-------|2-----------|4-----------|4-----------|0-----------|2-----------|2-----------|
D |0-----------|0-------4---|----4-------|------------|5-----------|------------|5-----------|4-----------|
A |------------|--------1---|2-------0---|------------|----2-------|0-----------|5-------0---|5-----------|
E |------------|------------|------------|4-----------|0-----------|------------|------------|------------|

   ^                                      ^            ^            ^            ^
   Q   Q   Q    Q   Q   Q    H       Q    Q   Q   Q    Q   Q   Q    Q   E E Q    H       Q    H       E E
e |5---10--9---|7-------5---|5-----------|------------|----7-------|------0-2---|0-----------|--------2-3-|
B |3-----------|----0-------|5-----------|5---7---8---|7-------7---|3-----------|3-----------|2-----------|
G |------------|------------|7-----------|6-----------|7-----------|4-----------|2-----------|2-----------|
D |4-----------|----0-------|------------|5-------8---|7-----------|5-----------|--------2---|------------|
A |----9-------|------------|--------7---|------------|------------|----2-------|0-----------|------------|
E |2-----------|3-----------|5-----------|6-----------|7-------5---|0-----------|------------|------------|

   ^                         ^
   Q   Q   Q    Q   Q   Q    Q   Q   E E  E E Q   Q    H       Q    Q   Q   Q    H       Q    H       Q
e |5---10--9---|7-------5---|5---------0-|2-3-2-------|------------|----2---3---|0-----------|------------||
B |3-----------|----0-------|5-------3---|3-----------|3-----------|0-----------|3-----------|2-----------||
G |------------|------------|6-------3---|2-----------|2-----------|0-----------|0-----------|--------2---||
D |4-----------|----0-------|--------5---|----4-------|--------0---|------------|2-----------|------------||
A |----9-------|------------|----7-------|2-------0---|------------|------------|0-------0---|------------||
E |2-----------|3-----------|5-------6---|------------|3-----------|0-----------|------------|------------||

Duration Legend
    H.  Half note (dotted)
    H   Half note
    Q   Quarter note
    E   Eighth note

Tablature Legend
    ^   Downstroke

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3 comments on Dimension Breach

I guess you saved me

I guess you saved me the effort of finishing the one I was working on. :p

You can always do your own

You can always do your own different tab! :-)

Nah, there aren't enough

Nah, there aren't enough differences to justify clogging up the menu. What differences I have from this tab, I will just post in the comments here.