"Why it is so pleasant to listen to video game guitar covers?" by Jone Ruiz

I have been doing video game guitar covers for years, and there is something that always comes to me while listening: nostalgia. Yes, nostalgia is the biggest reason why I make the arrangements. It first started as an experiment. Maybe, something to attract people to listen to my classical music (which never happened). But with time, I just fell in love with creating and sharing it with many people of the same music taste. So I decided to upload to YouTube every week, and it all started with this video. Yes, I love Zelda music, and I get the most nostalgia from this video game. Many memories of watching my brother playing the games. Music impacts our lives and daily undertakings in many incredible ways.

What is the process I use to create the covers?

I always wanted to do covers before, but it seemed too complicated. I thought that it was impossible. I would watch the piano covers, and I would think the guitar was too limited to do it. Then, I discovered Super Guitar Bros videos, and man, I was amazed (check out Sam Griffin covers!). Years later, I decided to upload on YouTube, and that was the moment I got a mentality that I use even today. And it is the following "I'm going to create this cover even if it takes years." What I mean by this is that once I begin to create an arrangement, it doesn’t matter how long it takes. I'm going to finish it. It doesn't matter if I have to do it little by little, note by note. I'm going to do it.

I use many ways to create arrangements, and I'm going to explain them very briefly. First, I look for score music, and I make some changes with a music program. In this, I used Sibelius, but you can use other software. Most of the time, I change the bass clef to treble clef. After this, I change keys If I have to. For example, most of the music sounds the best on the guitar on E, G, D, and A major or in a, e, or b minor. The second option would be to try to create the arrangement from a piano score without change it. This process would be slower than the first one. Lastly, I would create the cover by ear. Here I would do note by note. I would slow the video on youtube most of the time and repeat a section like 100 times until I get the right notes and harmony. This process is challenging, but it works well. An important key: always find the bass and melody first. Then after that, you can add the other notes. Remember, it is your cover, and you can do it your way. It doesn't need to sound identical to the original music.

Why is this music so pleasant to our ears?

Well, the magic comes from nostalgia. Yes, it is somewhere in your childhood memories. Do you remember the hidden chest that you or your brother found after hours of searching? Or even the first time you heard the intro or also the end of the game? Or better yet, that time that you stopped in the same spot just that you could listen to the music. I do remember like yesterday. And when it comes to guitar, there is something special about plugging the strings and the ability to hear an instrument that can sound like a piano. Or if you like to listen to it on an electric guitar in a metal version. Also, the beauty is that a guitar many times is not that expensive, and we have tabs. And yes, the ability to learn your favorite songs with tabs makes things even better. Reading tabs is easier than sheet music. I began to play guitar with tabs more than 20 years ago. All thanks to pages like Here you can find an extensive collection of your favorite video game music.

Here is my favorite video game cover with the tabs that I uploaded to I hope you enjoy it!

Jone Ruiz

Heartwood: A Video Game Music Tribute to Rainforest Trust Charity Album

Pixel Mixers partnered with GameGrooves for Heartwood, a charity album in support of Rainforest Trust. For those who don’t know, Rainforest Trust is a US-based nonprofit environmental organization focused on the purchase and protection of tropical lands to strategically conserve threatened species. Heartwood features 15 tracks from 24 artists, including video game covers from Chrono Trigger, Octopath Traveler, Trials of Mana, Xenoblade Chronicles, Final Fantasy X and more.

(100% of all proceeds will support Rainforest Trust)

"Beneath a Stolen Sky" a Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 1 Tribute Album

Beneath a Stolen Sky is a tribute album in homage of the FFVII tracks from the Midgar area to celebrate the release of the Remake that focuses on that section of the original game!
This album features 24 tracks, re-arranged and played by more than 30 musicians.

You can listen to it on Youtube:

Or directly DOWNLOAD the full album here for free:

you can even vote for your favorite tracks from it:

"Nibelung Valesti" a Valkyrie Profile 1 & 2 Tribute Album

Nibelung Valesti is and homage album to the OSTs of Valkyrie Profile 1 and 2, originally composed by Motoi Sakuraba! This album re-arrangements/covers/remixes of 51 tracks from VP1&2, with more than 50 musicians from the Pixel Mixers community involved!

You can listen to the 1st disc here:

And the 2nd disc here:

Or directly DOWNLOAD the full album here for free:

"Beyond the Mist" a Final Fantasy IX Tribute album

Hey guys it's my pleasure to share with you this 120 tracks long (the complete ost + some duplicates) tribute album to FFIX music by the Pixel Mixers community!

This album was made by 130 musicians that worked together to create 7 hours of FFIX remixes/covers. This albums goes from classical, to metal, by electro or jazz!

You can listen to the 1st disc here:

Or directly DOWNLOAD the full album here for free:

"Treetop Tunes" a DKC Tribute Album

Hey friends, here is the very last album of 2018 from Pixel Mixers:
Treetop Tunes, a tribute to Donkey Kong Country music!

This album features 35 songs from the original DKC Trilogy, but also the GBA version of DKC 3, DKC Returns and DKC Tropical Freeze!
We gathered 44 musicians to make more than 2h of music!

You can directly LISTEN to the full album here

Or DOWNLOAD it for free here

"Rhythm Raceway" a Mario Kart Tribute Album

Hey friends! :D

I have the pleasure to present you what is our best album yet: "Rhythm Raceway" a tribute to Mario Kart Musics!

Here is a link to the official article featuring information and free download link:

This album featuring 23 songs from the whole series, revisited by 35 musicians from the Pixel Mixers Community.
More than one hour of free music, with jazz, metal, salsa, electro, surf rock, chill, fusion etc


here is the release trailer if you want to listen to it:

"Huntress" a Metroid 2D Games Free Tribute Album

Hey good people, i have the pleasure to present you the result of the hard work we put in the Metroid Album!
Once again i’m thanking you guys for participating to those projects ;D
I really hope you’ll enjoy this album, i can’t wait to know what you think about it ^^

Official article about this album:

Feel free to share this album anywhere you can as much as you can!

Huntress focuses exclusively on the classic Metroid titles, giving us the possibility to make a Metroid Prime album in the future.


This album has 30 songs from the classic 2D Metroid games and is 1h35 long.
This is clearly our darkest album with a lot of great atmospheric tracks with a lot of electro and rock/metal songs to fit the oppressing feeling of the Metroid OST.

here is the release trailer if you want to listen to it: