GTYNP: Doom II - Running From Evil

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It's been quite a long time since the last GTYNP (Greatest Tabs You Never Play).

So I would like to highlight a song, that I assume everyone heard it at least once. I think I've never heard it well executed, especially the solo which is pretty long and hard to memorize.
Auriplane did a good job with this tab by adding position markers and a lot of explanations.
Running From Hell by Auriplane.

Thx for the tab Auri! [email protected]_

GTYNP: Secret of Evermore ~ Queen Bluegarden

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I requested this tab awhile back and only one person stepped up to arrange it, which took me totally by surprise. I've been a huge fan of the Secret of Evermore music for sometime now and I think Jeremy Soule is one of the best composers out there. So without further ado heres to Auriplane's arrangement of one my favorite pieces of music in Secret of Evermore. Secret of Evermore Queen Bluegarden

Thank you Auriplane for this beautiful arrangement =)

GTYNP: Final Fantasy IV - Main Theme

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I just stumbled upon this little gem, and decided it was time for another GTYNP. Despite the fact that I run the site and am constantly aware of the tablature submission, sometimes a piece falls through the cracks unnoticed. I love this arrangement, just for the fact that it's simple and playable, while at the same time being complete and inspired. Nice job, SpiderTemplarius!

Final Fantasy IV - Main Theme, by SpiderTemplarius

GTYNP: Dire Dire Docks by TrangOul

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For those that don't know, every now and then we spotlight a tab that we feel as been under appreciated or overlooked, and call it "Greatest Tab You've Never Played" (GTYNP).

For this GTYNP, I chose Dire Dire Docks from Super Mario 64, by TrangOul. There are several other tabs for this piece, but I feel like TrangOul's takes the cake because of its playability and completeness. It really is a lot of fun to play. Nice job, TrangOul!

GTYNP: Saint Seiya - Chikyuugi

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This tab was posted over a year ago and has received little attention. That, and it being from a relatively unknown corner of the video-game/anime music world, makes it a perfect 'Greatest Tab You've Never Played'.

Chikyuugi is a wonderfully soulful song from the anime Saint Seiya. Although the type of guitar a song is played on is arbitrary much of the time, this song screams electric guitar. The use of palm mutes and pinch harmonics in particular give it that feel unique to electric guitar.

I personally love this song. Thanks for tabbing it out, CpxAzn!

Link to tab

GTYNP: Final Fantasy VIII - Blue Fields

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ffviii3.jpgJust to prove that I'm not dead, I decided to post up a long overdue Greatest Tab You've Never Played. For those of you who don't know, this is where I post up a relatively unknown tab in hopes that it will receive some recognition from those who missed it.

This time I'm posting Stamen47's arrangement of "Blue Fields" from Final Fantasy VIII. Now when I say arrangement, I really mean arrangement. Stamen takes a lot of creative liberty in this piece and really turns it into something that sounds amazing on guitar. It's a little bit difficult to play, but not too hard to get the hang of. Great job Stamen.

Take a look at the side by side comparison between the original Blue Fields midi and Stamen47's arrangement. Or just view the tab.

GTYNP: Metal Gear Solid - Main Theme

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Here's a tab that I really love and I don't think has gotten a whole lot of notoriety from the community. It's the main theme of Metal Gear Solid, arranged by cgseth. This is a really uplifting song that I felt fitted the game very well. It translates very nicely to guitar and I think it's a great arrangement.

Link to TAB

GTYNP: Pokemon Gold/Silver: Ecruteak City

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The guitar is mainly a solo instrument. But Zelos' arrangment for 3 guitars for Ecruteak city brings three guitars together in a very fun and lovable piece that would sound great in a concert hall.

Sadly I wish I could find two other guitarists to play this with. Perhaps I can convince Zelos to make a solo or at least duet version of it. Great job Zelos!


GTYNP: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - Mewt

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This is definitely one of the greatest tabs on the site and I have a feeling a lot of people haven't played it. Thus GTYNP comes to the rescue once again! This is Kabukibear's transcription of Mewt, an arrangement of the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance character's theme which is found on White Melodies of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, a fantastic FFTA arrangement CD. This is a really beautiful duet arrangement with two acoustic guitars, and one heck of a transcription job by Kabukibear. The background guitar plays a constant and tranquilizingly peaceful accompaniment while the lead guitar slowly picks up steam and never quite climaxes, but instead seems to spill out into a flurry of "back and forth" type motions. It's very fun to play, but even better to listen to in my opinion. This is the kind of song you put a nice pair of headphones on for, lay down in your bed, close your eyes and get lost in.


GTYNP: Chrono Trigger - Corridors of Time

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ZOMG we're back! Sorry for the long hiatus, but I've been real busy with school and working on other improvements to the site and I've been neglecting to post any new GTYNP's. I was happy to see people actually requesting that I post one again. It feels good to know people are interested (post some comments why don't ya =P). I think I'll start posting one of these every 2 or 3 weeks from now on.

Anyway, this "Greatest Tab You've Never Played" comes from Stamen47 and is a classical arrangement of Corridors of Time from Chrono Trigger. Personally I think this is one of the more beautiful and mystical songs I've ever heard, and being able to play it on an acoustic guitar is just wonderful. I love the rich mix of harmony and melody that comes to life in certain parts of the arrangement. There is some room for improvement however, but I'm not complaining. This particular song feels like it's arrangeable in a lot of different ways, and it would be fantastic to see another version of this song arranged for acoustic guitar, **cough**Kabukibear**cough**.

Link to TAB | MIDI