Review: Lightsnake USB Instrument Cable – STUSBG10


So it started out for me wanting to record at home and I was looking for a cheap way to do that, I didn't have the money for one of those expensive condenser mics, I did try a regular computer mic but the audio was awful and I didn't care for it. I mention this to a friend of mine at work he said he had a friend with a guitar cable with a usb at the end so I did some research and found the Lightsnake cable.

This cable is really one of a kind its basically a guitar cable with a soundcard in it that connects to your USB port. I know what your thinking a soundcard? Yes when playing using the Lightsnake there is alot of audio things happening:

1.) Analog to Digital conversion with signal boost.
2.) 48/44.1khz sampling.
3.) Noise Reduction.

What does all that mean? 3 words "Superb audio quality" and really thats what your looking for.

Now you might be asking yourself what kind of guitar can this be used on? Well all types from Classical guitar to Metal guitar and everything in between so long as there is a pickup, preferred active pickups for electric guitars but does work with non active ones as well. I couldn't get my eletric guitar to sound good at all but it's a 20$ guitar what did I expect. It can be used in combination with effects pedals and software like ACID Music Studio, Adobe Audition, Windows Movie Maker, Audicity and so on. Also can be used for online streaming.

I did have problems at first when I hooked it up, its plug and play so when you hook it up Windows assumes its a soundcard and makes it its default audio so a quick trip to the control panel > Sounds and Audio Devices > Audio tag and put your Sound Playback back to your sound card will take care of that.

Overall this cable really worked well for me, I really have no complaints about it, I use it to record whenever possible and ustream for gametab members.

*Note* This cable is not intended for you to hear the sound coming out of your speaker when playing only after your done recording sound in an audio program like Windows Movie Maker or Sound Recorder can you hear the sound. You can however hookup some earphones and listen while you play.

Price: 39.99 can be found on ebay a little cheaper.


If you would like to hear the lightsnake head over to my youtube page. and click play.

Review: The Zoom A2 Acoustic Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

The Zoom A2 Acoustic Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal.

Ok I want to start out by saying that I knew nothing about effects prior to buying this pedal that said lets jump in and see what this effects pedal has to offer.

This effects pedal is really one of a kind I did alot of research on this because I wanted to find a nice pedal that would produce nice reverb to add to my video's to spice them up a bit. So after finding this pedal I started to read what could be achived by using it and to my surprise it had a total of 47 high-quality effects for acoustic/classical even eletric guitars but thats not all it can simulate 12 acoustic guitar/preamp sound character simulations meaning you just bought 12 guitars in one pedal. The list of guitars are: Martin D-28, Gibson SJ-200, Martin OOO-18, Gibson J-45, Tacoma C3C, Ovation Adamas, Nylon (Zoom original), Selmer Maccaferri, Dobro Model 27, National Reso-phonic Style O, Resophonic (Zoom original), Tube preamp (Zoom original.

Now a little more into depth with the pedal and effects as I said before it has 47 high-quality effects like Phaser, Tremolo, Air, Auto Wah just to name a few. The reverb is outstanding with reverb types like Hall, Room, Bright/Dark Slap Reverb, Modern Spring with loads more which is all customizable by the way, you have total control over how long they stay and how fast the effects die out. You can also simulate Amps and Pickups, has a built in 6 band EQ, Chromantic tuner for all of you who love to do different tunings, Feedback control, a very realistic sounding drum machine with PCM sound sources, can run on battries for about 6hrs, and has an option for an expression pedal.

All in all this effects pedal is just awesome for what it does. I only shared with you a fraction of what it could do, but if you looking to spice up your sound then this is the way to go I really enjoy playing using this pedal and im sure you would to.

*NOTE* There are two models of the pedal available. I reviewd the one I bought but there both the same with the exception of the USB and the footpedal is attached to the other model.

Price: I got mine for 100$ NEW Ive seen them for 80$ on ebay NEW.
Full Specs:

Review: Savarez 520R Strings.


My review of the Savarez 520R Strings.

Over the year I've been using many different sets of strings and hadn't really settled on a certain string. Well finally after many, many months of searching I finally found the one that suits me and those strings are the Savarez 520R strings. I would like to take a moment and tell you a little about the Savarez history.

The history of string making behind the Savarez name dates back over two centuries, to 1770, when Savaresse first embarked upon the manufacture of natural gut strings in Lyon, France. From the 1880s the company began to produce silk and steel as well as bronze and brass strings. Today, Savarez has become a world leader in musical string innovation with superior research and development.

That said I would like to take some time tell you why I like these strings so much compared to the others I have tried.

I would like start to by saying all Classical Guitars are not made equal, and my results doesn't necessarily mean you will achieve the same results I have had with these strings.

When my guitar first arrive to me it had Daddrio strings on it which at the time were OK but the trebles were lacking something like they had no life in them and I started to wonder maybe the strings were bad so I decided to change them out for some more of the same strings and to my surprise they sounded the same, still lacking something but I didn't know what because I was still new to guitar at this period in time. So my search went on and one day I stumbled upon an ad about Savarez strings so I went to my local shop in Dallas called "Zoo Music" and asked for some Savarez strings and he handed me some Savarez 520Rs and said those are very popular because of the string material that they use which is "Rectified Nylon" which other string manufactures do use by the way. So I went home and installed them on my guitar tuned it up and started playing and was AMAZED at the difference in volume and sound they were producing I honestly couldn't believe the zest the trebles had. Even the basses came to life, even though I'm not a big bass fan it was a huge improvement on the overall sound. The basses were rich and deep but not over powering and the trebles were loud and clear but not too bright sounding which is what I was looking for in a string.

Overall I have to give Savaerz 520Rs a solid 9.5 as a rating there great strings with a great sound and haven't found another string that matches them.

Packaging: They come in a gold ziploc type package with six strings individually packaged and numbered according to the string. Each string is also tagged with an ID number.

Strings: The trebles are "Rectified Nylon" non-polished but smooth and are light-whitish looking. The basses are silverplated copper on nylon core

Price: Varies depending on the place I can get 2 packs for 21 dollars. Guitar Center sells them for 13 or 15 dollars. So look for deals when ever you can.

Info about the strings.

GTYNP: Final Fantasy IV - Main Theme

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I just stumbled upon this little gem, and decided it was time for another GTYNP. Despite the fact that I run the site and am constantly aware of the tablature submission, sometimes a piece falls through the cracks unnoticed. I love this arrangement, just for the fact that it's simple and playable, while at the same time being complete and inspired. Nice job, SpiderTemplarius!

Final Fantasy IV - Main Theme, by SpiderTemplarius

Hail to the Chief!

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Hey there, Gametabbers!

Featured in the first of what (I hope) will be many interviews is none other than founder, archard. He touches on everything from site revamps, a new fingerstyle project, some great tabs to check out, archard’s Mario mission, to possibly being a descendant of Uncle Sam. It sounds like he still has big plans for the site, mostly on the side of expansion and improvement. Read on and gain some insight into the site you love! Thanks again, archard.

1) Congratulations (again) on three years! At the very least, you've reached your initial goal of becoming the definitive site for game tablature. Where do you see the site going from here? I understand you are in the process of brainstorming revamps to the anime section. At this moment in time, what are you leaning toward doing with that part of the site?

Thank you, very much. Moving forward, I want to take this site to the next level. I want it to be up there with OCReMix as far as popular video game music related sites go. I have been toying with the idea of expanding the site to be a more generalized video game music appreciation site, much like OCReMix is. But, Game Tabs has very specific niche that I don't want to abandon. So it's going to be tricky.

One thing I'd like to do is incorporate an analog to within the site. For those that don't know, people on post their personal interpretations of the meanings of various songs. I think video game music is uniquely suited for personal interpretation, and I would love it if there could be some platform where users could explain what the songs mean to them in their own minds.

You mentioned the revamps to the anime section. I have been doing a lot of thinking about that. To be honest, I originally never wanted to include anime tabs in the site, but my friend who is a big anime fan insisted that I make a section for it when I first started the site. Anime music is similar to video game music, but it's definitely not the same thing. To me, anime soundtracks are like any other movie soundtracks. They share a common bond with video game music though, because there is a cultural overlap between both the composers and the listeners. That's where my motivation to revamp the anime section comes from. I want to separate it from the video game tabs. I originally thought about making an entirely new site just for the anime tabs (I even bought, but I didn't want to create a rift in the community. If I can find a way to keep the sites separate, but keep the community intact, then I might do that. But I'm not sure if it's doable. I'll have to think about it some more.

Right now I am just focusing on improving the site in every way possible. I've been making tons of little improvements under the hood lately that are neccesary to take the site to the next level.

2) The debate seems to be plaguing this place: nylon or steel for you? Any brand of strings in particular?

I have mixed opinions about this. I used to swear by steel strings, but recently I bought a classical guitar and I love the sound from the nylon strings. On one hand I love the sustain and brightness of steel, but on the other hand I love the clarity and warmth of the nylon. My goal as a guitarist has been for awhile now to be on the level of guys like Andy McKee, Don Ross, Tommy Emmanuel, and Antoine DuFour. All their music pretty much requires steel strings to play, and that's why I've always sort of leaned to the steel string side. Right now I can't play anyting that 'requires' steel strings. So for the time being I am on the nylon side. But that will probably change in the future. As far as general sound quality goes, I like nylon better.

I'm a newbie to nylon, so I don't really have a preference yet. For steel strings, I never payed much attention to the type of strings I used. I normally used Martin's.

3) What kinds of guitars do you own? If you can choose, which is your favorite? Do you play any other instruments?

I have 3 guitars. One electric - a Les Paul Black Beauty, and two acoustics - an Epiphone steel string, and an Orpheus Valley classical. I don't play electric guitar at all anymore, so I haven't touched the Les Paul for years. The Orpheus
Valley is by far my favorite. It has such a beautiful tone, and feels great to play.

I started learning the harmonica recently, and I can play a little piano. I'm also planning on getting an ocarina soon. But guitar is the only instrument that I have any real talent on.

4) When you sit down for the first time in a day to hit the strings, what do you play as a warm-up?

Lately I've been playing parts of Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters" when I first pick up the guitar. I usually play something random though, or make something up.

5) Are you working on learning any tabs in particular right now?

I'm trying to master Kabukibear's Birth of a God right now. I've also been playing mostly all the lonlonjp tabs that have been coming in lately thanks to natenmn. I really like the Sleepless City Treno, FFV Battle Theme, Rebel Army Theme, and Cait Sith's Theme.

My problem is that I can't focus on one tab at a time long enough to master it. I always find something else that interests me and start learning that one.

6) Who is your favorite game music composer? If not one, then who are your top few?

I'm going to give the cliche answer and pick Nobuo Uematsu. I grew up with Final Fantasy VI - X, and the songs made for those games are a part of my soul that will never leave.

7) What are you working on tabbing right now? And why did you choose to tab it/them?

I have not tabbed anything in a long time, and I rarely have time to tab anything these days. But right now I'm working on a fingerstyle arrangement of Gangplank Galleon from Donkey Kong Country for the SNES Fingerstyle project. The song is just wicked, and I'd love a nice fingerstyle arrangement for it.

8) Moving on the "game" part of the name, what consoles do you own? Which do you still play?

I still have my NES, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, as well as a Wii and a DS. I play Wii and DS with my little brother sometimes when I'm at my parent's house, and I play some NES games with my roomate when I'm at my apartment. That's about it though. I don't really play video games much anymore, I just don't have the time.

9) What game are you playing right now?

I don't have a specific game I'm playing right now... like I said, I don't really have time to play games like I used to. My roomate and I are currently on a mission to beat a bunch of old NES games we have laying around. Particularly, we are trying to beat Super Mario Brothers 1, 2 and 3 in one sitting, without getting a game over.

10) Pick one game that could sum up your life. =)

Super Mario Brothers 2. Most of the time, it just doesn't make any sense.

11) WILD CARD! Tell us something interesting. =D

According to my grandmother, 'Uncle Sam', the guy on those old 'I WANT YOU FOR US ARMY' posters is my great, great, great, great, great grandfather. I always thought it was just a personification, but apparently the guy who posed for the poster is a real person. I don't remember his name.

(Editor’s Note: His name was Samuel Wilson, and he supplied beef to the U.S. Army during the War of 1812.)

Thanks for reading,

MTM (Brandon)

Stringing your classical guitar.

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A little video on how to string your classical guitar. I hope you enjoy this and find it useful this is how I do my guitar strings everybody has a different style. Nothing touches my guitars but Savarez strings these happen to be 520Rs High Tension Red Card Rectified Nylon. The guitar is a LaPatrie Etude and the one in the background is my LaPatrie Hybrid CW.

GTYNP: Dire Dire Docks by TrangOul

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For those that don't know, every now and then we spotlight a tab that we feel as been under appreciated or overlooked, and call it "Greatest Tab You've Never Played" (GTYNP).

For this GTYNP, I chose Dire Dire Docks from Super Mario 64, by TrangOul. There are several other tabs for this piece, but I feel like TrangOul's takes the cake because of its playability and completeness. It really is a lot of fun to play. Nice job, TrangOul!

Fingerstyle SNES: A Gametabs Collaboration

In celebration of the music of the Super Nintendo Gametabs is running a project to compile new well done arrangements. Entries will be judged prior to acceptance.
Requirements for being accepted

* The tab must be arranged for classical/fingerstyle guitar
* The tab must be an arrangement of a song that appeared on a Super Nintendo game
* The tab must your own original work
* The tab must not be a direct guitar transcription. Meaning that there has to be some level of arrangement to the piece and it can't simply be a transcription of a piece written for guitar. Transcriptions from other instruments, like piano, are acceptable.
* The tab must be neat and well presented, and it must be outputted in PDF form

The tentative deadline for this project is June 30th.

Feel free to see the thread for this project here and fun tabbing!

GTYNP: Saint Seiya - Chikyuugi

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This tab was posted over a year ago and has received little attention. That, and it being from a relatively unknown corner of the video-game/anime music world, makes it a perfect 'Greatest Tab You've Never Played'.

Chikyuugi is a wonderfully soulful song from the anime Saint Seiya. Although the type of guitar a song is played on is arbitrary much of the time, this song screams electric guitar. The use of palm mutes and pinch harmonics in particular give it that feel unique to electric guitar.

I personally love this song. Thanks for tabbing it out, CpxAzn!

Link to tab

GTYNP: Final Fantasy VIII - Blue Fields

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ffviii3.jpgJust to prove that I'm not dead, I decided to post up a long overdue Greatest Tab You've Never Played. For those of you who don't know, this is where I post up a relatively unknown tab in hopes that it will receive some recognition from those who missed it.

This time I'm posting Stamen47's arrangement of "Blue Fields" from Final Fantasy VIII. Now when I say arrangement, I really mean arrangement. Stamen takes a lot of creative liberty in this piece and really turns it into something that sounds amazing on guitar. It's a little bit difficult to play, but not too hard to get the hang of. Great job Stamen.

Take a look at the side by side comparison between the original Blue Fields midi and Stamen47's arrangement. Or just view the tab.