Review: The Zoom A2 Acoustic Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

The Zoom A2 Acoustic Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal.

Ok I want to start out by saying that I knew nothing about effects prior to buying this pedal that said lets jump in and see what this effects pedal has to offer.

This effects pedal is really one of a kind I did alot of research on this because I wanted to find a nice pedal that would produce nice reverb to add to my video's to spice them up a bit. So after finding this pedal I started to read what could be achived by using it and to my surprise it had a total of 47 high-quality effects for acoustic/classical even eletric guitars but thats not all it can simulate 12 acoustic guitar/preamp sound character simulations meaning you just bought 12 guitars in one pedal. The list of guitars are: Martin D-28, Gibson SJ-200, Martin OOO-18, Gibson J-45, Tacoma C3C, Ovation Adamas, Nylon (Zoom original), Selmer Maccaferri, Dobro Model 27, National Reso-phonic Style O, Resophonic (Zoom original), Tube preamp (Zoom original.

Now a little more into depth with the pedal and effects as I said before it has 47 high-quality effects like Phaser, Tremolo, Air, Auto Wah just to name a few. The reverb is outstanding with reverb types like Hall, Room, Bright/Dark Slap Reverb, Modern Spring with loads more which is all customizable by the way, you have total control over how long they stay and how fast the effects die out. You can also simulate Amps and Pickups, has a built in 6 band EQ, Chromantic tuner for all of you who love to do different tunings, Feedback control, a very realistic sounding drum machine with PCM sound sources, can run on battries for about 6hrs, and has an option for an expression pedal.

All in all this effects pedal is just awesome for what it does. I only shared with you a fraction of what it could do, but if you looking to spice up your sound then this is the way to go I really enjoy playing using this pedal and im sure you would to.

*NOTE* There are two models of the pedal available. I reviewd the one I bought but there both the same with the exception of the USB and the footpedal is attached to the other model.

Price: I got mine for 100$ NEW Ive seen them for 80$ on ebay NEW.
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Heh, I'm using the extended

Heh, I'm using the extended version of the Zoom A2 for my recordings. ^^

Nice review! I have the Zoom

Nice review! I have the Zoom G2 effects pedal myself and its really nice.

you've convinced me.

you've convinced me.

I have it too!

I have it too!

Awesome review. It's always

Awesome review. It's always nice to be able to use digital modeling to change up the sounds. I currently have a digital board as well as an analog board (for that "purist" tone). I have to say that going all digital adds so many more options, and the quality of sound and tone by manufacturers these days is impressive. I just added an Axess Ultrasound parts setup. However, there is always a part of me that plugs back in through my analog setup and goes back to my childhood in Leeds. There is little that can compare to that analog "hiss" for ol' time sake :) At any rate, keep up with the search for "that" sound! Cheers!