Review: Savarez 520R Strings.


My review of the Savarez 520R Strings.

Over the year I've been using many different sets of strings and hadn't really settled on a certain string. Well finally after many, many months of searching I finally found the one that suits me and those strings are the Savarez 520R strings. I would like to take a moment and tell you a little about the Savarez history.

The history of string making behind the Savarez name dates back over two centuries, to 1770, when Savaresse first embarked upon the manufacture of natural gut strings in Lyon, France. From the 1880s the company began to produce silk and steel as well as bronze and brass strings. Today, Savarez has become a world leader in musical string innovation with superior research and development.

That said I would like to take some time tell you why I like these strings so much compared to the others I have tried.

I would like start to by saying all Classical Guitars are not made equal, and my results doesn't necessarily mean you will achieve the same results I have had with these strings.

When my guitar first arrive to me it had Daddrio strings on it which at the time were OK but the trebles were lacking something like they had no life in them and I started to wonder maybe the strings were bad so I decided to change them out for some more of the same strings and to my surprise they sounded the same, still lacking something but I didn't know what because I was still new to guitar at this period in time. So my search went on and one day I stumbled upon an ad about Savarez strings so I went to my local shop in Dallas called "Zoo Music" and asked for some Savarez strings and he handed me some Savarez 520Rs and said those are very popular because of the string material that they use which is "Rectified Nylon" which other string manufactures do use by the way. So I went home and installed them on my guitar tuned it up and started playing and was AMAZED at the difference in volume and sound they were producing I honestly couldn't believe the zest the trebles had. Even the basses came to life, even though I'm not a big bass fan it was a huge improvement on the overall sound. The basses were rich and deep but not over powering and the trebles were loud and clear but not too bright sounding which is what I was looking for in a string.

Overall I have to give Savaerz 520Rs a solid 9.5 as a rating there great strings with a great sound and haven't found another string that matches them.

Packaging: They come in a gold ziploc type package with six strings individually packaged and numbered according to the string. Each string is also tagged with an ID number.

Strings: The trebles are "Rectified Nylon" non-polished but smooth and are light-whitish looking. The basses are silverplated copper on nylon core

Price: Varies depending on the place I can get 2 packs for 21 dollars. Guitar Center sells them for 13 or 15 dollars. So look for deals when ever you can.

Info about the strings.

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I'm a dolphin, and I approve

I'm a dolphin, and I approve this message!

Hey Vic, just letting you

Hey Vic, just letting you know i bought these strings today because of your reccomendation. The strings are indeed very magical xp

jk but yeah thanks for the string review!

In case anyone cared, these

In case anyone cared, these exact strings were the reccomended sets in all music acedemies in Norway in the 70's. My father used to attend one of those, and the only thing he would every impress on me was that the savarez red card (ie. these) were the only strings worth using. But, you know, obviously some advancements may have been made in the last three decades, but good to see it's still sound advice. These are the strings I still reccomend whenever anyone asks.

I put some D'addario EJ46

I put some D'addario EJ46 strings on recently (had the 520R strings on before) and the biggest difference was much mellower, "wet" trebles and duller basses. I can't say I agree with all the Savarez hype, but I prefer them over the D'addarios.

thanks for the comments

thanks for the comments everyone. I'm glad my review helped some of you out.

Got around to testing these

Got around to testing these strings out. I was using Augustine blue labels previously and it's pretty close as far as sound quality goes. The rectified nylon has a lot of scrape sound to it, but it feels as though the balance is a little better between low and high.