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So it started out for me wanting to record at home and I was looking for a cheap way to do that, I didn't have the money for one of those expensive condenser mics, I did try a regular computer mic but the audio was awful and I didn't care for it. I mention this to a friend of mine at work he said he had a friend with a guitar cable with a usb at the end so I did some research and found the Lightsnake cable.

This cable is really one of a kind its basically a guitar cable with a soundcard in it that connects to your USB port. I know what your thinking a soundcard? Yes when playing using the Lightsnake there is alot of audio things happening:

1.) Analog to Digital conversion with signal boost.
2.) 48/44.1khz sampling.
3.) Noise Reduction.

What does all that mean? 3 words "Superb audio quality" and really thats what your looking for.

Now you might be asking yourself what kind of guitar can this be used on? Well all types from Classical guitar to Metal guitar and everything in between so long as there is a pickup, preferred active pickups for electric guitars but does work with non active ones as well. I couldn't get my eletric guitar to sound good at all but it's a 20$ guitar what did I expect. It can be used in combination with effects pedals and software like ACID Music Studio, Adobe Audition, Windows Movie Maker, Audicity and so on. Also can be used for online streaming.

I did have problems at first when I hooked it up, its plug and play so when you hook it up Windows assumes its a soundcard and makes it its default audio so a quick trip to the control panel > Sounds and Audio Devices > Audio tag and put your Sound Playback back to your sound card will take care of that.

Overall this cable really worked well for me, I really have no complaints about it, I use it to record whenever possible and ustream for gametab members.

*Note* This cable is not intended for you to hear the sound coming out of your speaker when playing only after your done recording sound in an audio program like Windows Movie Maker or Sound Recorder can you hear the sound. You can however hookup some earphones and listen while you play.

Price: 39.99 can be found on ebay a little cheaper.


If you would like to hear the lightsnake head over to my youtube page. and click play.

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Nice review.. maybe I should

Nice review.. maybe I should get one for Christmas!

I am disapointed, i have

I am disapointed, i have bought this one yestday,, i was thinking it was the same thing.

I'm still testing with my shure SM57 mic and my classical guitar but there is absolutely no difference between a classic XLR/JACk cable except... a blue diode and the price... guess i have to go back to get a real preamp for using my dynamic micro. So be carefull dont buy this one !

If you want to compare here are 2 link
With Mic pluged directely in sound card with a XLR-Jack at 10$ (and windows amp activated)

With Mic pluged directely in sound card with the XLR-USB (50$) (and windows amp activated)

I am really angry what a piece of shit !