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Gametabs Zelda Tribute Album

Gametabs is proud to present:

The Zelda Tribute Album

Download this album for free, here:

And don't miss the previous projects:

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You can follow the birth of this project, and meet the people who brought it to life in this thread:

More project like this are planned! The 4th one is already in preparation.
If you wish to follow it, or to take part in this adventure, follow this link:

We hope you will enjoy this work, and that you will take interest in our next projects.

If you wish to hear more from Gametabbers, subcribe to our official Youtube page:

Thank you for your interest, and do not hesitate to give us your impressions in the comments below.

6 comments on Gametabs Zelda Tribute Album

YEAH :D Thanks for the news

Thanks for the news Auri ^^
Come on people, let's give this a listen !

Agreed! The whole album

Agreed! The whole album sounds absolutely amazing! Nice job everyone!

Already been on my computer

Already been on my computer for a good 3 week XD

That's because you know the

That's because you know the secrets down in the deepest parts of gametabs :D

Are this album include Zedd

Are this album include Zedd version?

Zedd Version?

Zedd Version?