Gametabs Boss Battle Album

Gametabs is proud to present:

The Boss Battle Album

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8 comments on Gametabs Boss Battle Album

Yeah :D Our albums are

Yeah :D
Our albums are getting better and better in terms of quality :D
Give us some feedback, if you liked it or not ^^

Hey guys, download this ! è_é

Hey guys, download this ! è_é

These are some sick covers!

These are some sick covers!

Thanks for listening to it

Thanks for listening to it man, hope you had a good time =)

I've listened to only the

I've listened to only the first disc so far, but I really like the Sonic medleys. They're pretty boss (heh heh heh). J-E-N-O-V-A and the Boss Battle Medley at the end also stand out to me. Some of the tracks I've never heard before but it's all quite good so far. Well done, everyone!

Glad your enjoying it, I'm

Glad your enjoying it, I'm not totally satisfied with my entry but it about 85% of what I wanted. lol

StarFox cover is probably my favorite from the album though. :)

Track 07, Otherworld, right?

Track 07, Otherworld, right? FF-X is one of the ones I haven't played, so I don't know the original. But I think it sounds pretty good. The rhythm is nice and heavy, catchy too. Might be that it gets a bit repetitive towards the end. I think it could've benefited from some more solo guitar or a harmony, maybe. Or some James Hetfield-style vocals (yeah-heah). It's got that sort of feel to it.

The StarFox cover is quite good too and worth mentioning.

Hah I had initially planned

Hah I had initially planned to do the vocal track for it as well with some Ramestien Esc vocals but I like to leave things to last minute and ran out of time. lol